Intelligently Automate Data and AI with the Next Generation of IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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How the next generation of IBM Cloud Pak® for Data will help operationalize AI faster while removing complexity.

Three years ago, we launched IBM Cloud Pak® for Data to help our clients speed data-driven, predictive outcomes. Since that time, we have worked tirelessly to unleash greater productivity, insights and cost-risk mitigation. Today I am excited to discuss the latest evolution of that journey and share how the next generation of IBM Cloud Pak for Data will help our customers operationalize AI faster while removing complexity by connecting the right data to the right people at the right time, from anywhere.

Data drives digital transformation. AI unlocks the value of data. Hybrid cloud democratizes it.

It’s no secret that data and how we leverage it is transforming business as we know it. A recent survey of more than 13,000 C-suite leaders validated that data-driven organizations are 178% more likely to outperform their peers in terms of revenue and profitability. With enterprises currently maintaining a vast amount of data under management, why are so few capitalizing on this competitive advantage? A key element of the answer is complexity.

Companies today are struggling to manage and maintain a multitude of data sources spanning public, private and on-premises clouds. Today’s Global AI Adoption Index 2021 study found 75% of global respondents surveyed stated their company is pulling from over 20 different data sources that feed their AI, BI and analytics systems. In addition, one third of those respondents cited this data complexity and siloes as top barriers to AI adoption. Further compounding the complexity of these hybrid data landscapes is the fact that the lifespan of that data — the time that it is most relevant and valuable — is drastically shrinking.

Intelligent data fabric

While the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) is undeniable, turning AI aspirations into outcomes starts with a solid foundation that can address the complexity of today’s diverse data landscapes. To that end, IBM is infusing new AI-powered capabilities into IBM Cloud Pak for Data that will become the core components of a new intelligent data fabric within the platform.

This intelligent data fabric will use AI to automate complex data management tasks and universally discover, integrate, catalog, secure and govern data across multiple environments. Users will be able to benefit from intelligent unification of diverse data types and architectures — like data lakes, data catalogs, warehouses and other data integration platforms — into one common data foundation without the need to copy or move information.

The first set of new capabilities coming to Cloud Pak for Data include the following:

  • AutoSQL: A high performance, universal query engine that simplifies your data landscape by enabling you to use the same query across disparate data sources, including data warehouses, data lakes and streaming data, saving time and resources that would typically go into moving data and maintaining multiple query engines. In conjunction with the platforms existing data virtualization capabilities, AutoSQL empowers users to easily query data across hybrid, multicloud and multi-vendor environments. AutoSQL includes pre-integrated data governance capabilities, thus data consumers are assured of the quality and validity of the data.
  • AutoCatalog: Automates how data is discovered and classified to maintain a real-time catalog of data assets and their relationships across disparate data landscapes. A critical capability of the intelligent data fabric within the platform, AutoCatalog helps overcome the challenges faced by managing a complex hybrid and multicloud enterprise data landscape and helps ensure that data consumers can easily find and access the right data, at the right time, regardless of location.
  • AutoPrivacy: Employs AI to intelligently automate the identification, monitoring and, subsequently, the enforcement of policies on sensitive data across the organization. AutoPrivacy is a key aspect of the universal data privacy framework available within IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Spanning the entire data and AI lifecycle, this framework allows business leaders to provide the self-service access data consumers need without sacrificing security or compliance. Build a better strategy for governance risk and compliance by eliminating compliance “blindspots” and minimizing risk.

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Learn more about the new updates and enhancements to IBM Cloud Pak for Data by taking a look at the product brief or by reading the Hurwitz report – “Why smart businesses are looking at a data fabric approach to become more data driven” — and be sure to watch our THINK session on-demand

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