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Revamping an ineffective knowledge management infrastructure

X-POWER, a leading provider of intelligent and digital integrated system solutions in China, embarked on a journey to enhance its internal knowledge management capabilities. Facing challenges with limitations with its internal knowledge base, the company sought to revolutionize its approach with generative AI technology. X-POWER’s existing knowledge base, reliant on WeChat ports and traditional server file management, posed significant limitations. Fragmented information and manual curation hindered rapid knowledge acquisition. The need for conversational interactive features and the complexity of unstructured text underscored the necessity for innovation.

85% Reduction in the time required to query enterprise knowledge 80% Efficiency improvement on post-sales process 90% Reduction in misunderstandings caused by complex content 70% Elimination in concerns about safety and explainability of generative AI
IBM’s full support and cutting-edge technology were instrumental in the success of this AI project. We value our long-standing partnership with IBM, built on trust and a shared commitment to innovation. The watsonx suite’s unique combination of on-premises security, seamless hybrid cloud migration, user-friendly platform, and enterprise-level support perfectly aligns with our needs. We are excited to collaborate further with IBM, integrating our deep industry expertise with their advanced technology to drive the future of manufacturing. Huang Yadan General Manager X-POWER
Co-creating AI-powered knowledge management solutions

IBM® Client Engineering and Technical Sales teams co-created with the client, starting from exploring business scenarios, to research the best implementation paths. They tackled problems from the basics of AI implementation, gradually solving them from simple to complex, by leveraging IBM’s generative AI solutions, in conjunction with the application integration solution IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration. In just over two months, IBM helped X-POWER build an ideal enterprise-level intelligent Q&A knowledge base. This knowledge base utilized IBM watsonx™ Assistant to build an “intelligent Q&A interface” as an intelligent assistant to provide front-end access and semantic understanding capabilities. Simultaneously, IBM Watson® Discovery was chosen as the document understanding and retrieval tool, capable of in-depth semantic analysis and keyword retrieval based on user queries. Furthermore, IBM watsonx.ai™ was integrated to enhance answer accuracy and provide a personalized interaction experience.

Revolutionizing after-sales support: streamlined issue resolution and knowledge accessibility

IBM successfully deployed the intelligent Q&A database to the client’s after-sales service end, enabling X-POWER’s after-sales engineers to efficiently solve specific customer issues. The solution’s knowledge base has built a solid foundation framework, benefiting all development engineers—but especially newly hired engineers, who no longer need to rely on senior staff for introductions and guidance. Instead, they can now learn and improve through the intelligent knowledge base, achieving rapid adaptation and self- growth.

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About X-POWER (Suzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd.

X-POWER (Suzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (link resides outside of ibm.com) is invested and established by Suzhou Global Technology Co., Ltd., which has more than 50 years of manufacturing experience. It incubates the digital technology and experience of its parent company and relies on an international technology team and leading technological strength to develop industry-leading integrated application services such as manufacturing application software with independent intellectual property rights, providing customized intelligent digital integrated system solutions for customers. X-POWER is committed to changing the product research and development mode, enterprise data management mode, production manufacturing mode, and quality control mode of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, reducing labor management costs, shortening product research and development cycles, improving product quality, flexible production, quickly adapting to market demand, improving enterprise efficiency, increasing enterprise profits, enhancing enterprise competitiveness, and safeguarding the long-term development of enterprises, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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