In today’s environmentally-conscious world, Toyota came to IBM Watson Advertising looking to reach and engage auto-intenders. Since Toyota’s Prius Prime vehicle is more technologically advanced than your average car, IBM Watson Advertising IBM Watson Ads technology solution provided a perfect vehicle to engage and educate this tech savvy audience.

IBM Watson Advertising and Toyota collaborated on the first cognitive ads for the auto industry with IBM Watson Ads. Watson was trained on Toyota’s product information and vehicle FAQ’s, and used natural language processing to enable 1:1 dialogue with users.

IBM Watson Ads engaged in real-time conversations, allowing consumers to interact with the Toyota Prius Prime in a brand new way, via dynamic ads across The Weather Channel app and website.


These great results also may help to inform Toyota’s overall planning and strategies – from product to supply chain management to marketing:

  • 3x Google Rich Media Interaction Time Benchmark

  • 6K Total User Conversations

  • 3 Interactions per Session for Big Web

  • 20% Increase in Purchase Consideration among M35-49

  • 37% higher engagement with audience-based location targeting than other audience-based campaign targeting used

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson