Have personalized AI conversations with your customers

The Weather Company Conversations is an interactive solution that helps facilitate personalized AI conversations with consumers virtually anywhere online. Powered by Watson AI, this turnkey solution is designed to deliver more engaging and memorable ad experiences by using artificial intelligence to understand the user’s intent and provide answers, recommendations or next steps. This helps ensure that every interaction your consumer has is unique and effective while giving you valuable consumer insights.

Our team of experienced developers, designers and AI strategists can work with you to create and deploy activations that adhere to your strategy, standards and KPIs. This can include customized banners and a conversational experience that is crafted to match your brand and can be deployed across your owned and operated channels.


1:1 connections between brands and consumers

Use AI advertising to deliver unique, personalized conversations with consumers, ranging from awareness to lower-funnel opportunities, designed to meet your KPI’s.

Insights about your consumers & products

Get a closer look at interactions between your brand and consumers, like a focus group at scale.

Deeper engagement through touchpoints

Meet your consumers where they are by seamlessly leveraging your brand’s conversation across digital ads, in-store kiosks, owned and operated sites, mobile apps and more.

Key features of Conversations

Personalized conversational marketing software, without the use of cookies

Deliver 1:1 conversational ads and engagements between your brand and consumers, all while ensuring privacy and compliance safeguards and expectations are met.

Scalable AI conversational software and platform

From white-glove service to do-it-yourself platform access, leverage AI-powered conversational ads to solve your marketing challenges with flexible solutions designed for advertising agencies and brand teams.

Build confidence and transparency

With Watson AI technology, Conversations leverages Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, and proprietary natural language generation technology.

Extend the cognitive, conversational ads nearly anywhere

Conversations can be deployed across the entire ad ecosystem, as well as anywhere that HTML5 is accepted.

Conversations in four steps

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