The only constant in the media and marketing industry is change. To stay ahead, marketers need personalized, predictive and privacy-forward strategies that build brand loyalty and strengthen consumer connections.

Enter Weather: The Original Influencer.

Nothing else impacts every person and business on the planet as consistently as weather. With a weather strategy from The Weather Company, you can tap into unparalleled influence on consumer emotion, decisions and habits to drive your marketing.

The Weather Company brings together weather data from The Weather Channel, the world’s most accurate forecaster overall* and trusted AI from IBM to create solutions that help marketers uncover new audience insights, tailor customer experiences and exceed media objectives. Activate these solutions anywhere across the open web, or on our owned and operated digital media properties.


Explore weather data, insights, and advertising solutions.

Weather Targeting

Use weather and AI to anticipate consumer behavior, drive action, and deliver ads when and where it matters most.

Advertising Accelerator

Use real-time data signals and AI to predict and assemble the optimal combination of copy and creative to drive engagement and conversion.


Connect with consumers via 1:1, AI-driven creative engagements nearly anywhere in the digital ecosystem.

The Weather Channel Integrated Marquee

Increase awareness and engagement by integrating your brand in a dynamic home screen experience on The Weather Channel digital properties.

Ready to create your weather strategy?



* ForecastWatch, Global and Regional Weather Forecast Accuracy Overview, 2017-2020, https://www.forecastwatch.com/AccuracyOverview2017-2020, commissioned by IBM.