Lottery and Digital Gaming Enterprise doubles down on customer experience improvements
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For a gaming and lottery service provider, crafting captivating and secure online lottery experiences, such as interactive games, mobile applications, and e-commerce platforms, is essential to increasing customer engagement and boosting lottery revenues for the states and providences they support. Accurate and timely responses to player inquiries are essential to maintaining positive end-user experiences in the fast-paced industry.

A North American lottery and digital gaming enterprise was facing challenges in quickly and consistently responding to players’ queries. The multi-state, multi-jurisdiction enterprise’s response time was hampered by the volume of inquiries it received and the specificity each answer required, per the local laws applied to each lottery and unique rules that applied to each game. Delayed response times resulted in player frustration. The speed of response was put further at risk by the near real-time changes in information such as winnings, winner announcements, and seasonal and other promotions. Ensuring that players received accurate and consistent information was paramount, as any discrepancies could lead to confusion and dissatisfaction, placing player engagement, and by extension gaming and lottery revenues, at risk.  

40–60% reduction in customer support team workload Improved satisfaction and participation as players received immediate responses Virtual agent effectively and efficiently handles multiple states’ lotteries and online gaming platforms
The virtual agent efficiently handled player queries across multiple state lotteries and online gaming platforms, reducing the workload on the customer support team by 40%–60%. Players received immediate responses, leading to improved satisfaction and increased participation. Joy Marie Curtis Senior Project Manager TechD
Betting on AI capabilities with IBM watsonx, TechD and NeuralSeek

The gaming and lottery provider sought an AI enterprise technology provider to address its customer experience challenge. It relied on the services capabilities of IBM Business Partner Technology Dynamics (TechD). TechD’s virtual agent-based solution design was based on NeuralSeek (link resides outside of, a natural language AI platform designed to apply large language models (LLMs) and corporate knowledge base, with IBM® watsonx Assistant and IBM Cloud®. This AI-based solution streamlined operations and provided players with dependable assistance. Through the virtual agent solution, players now receive specific answers in a matter of seconds on lotteries and online gaming platforms—regardless of the time of day or the complexity of their questions.

NeuralSeek’s natural language response and built-in data analytics capabilities provide consistent and accurate responses to player queries in real-time, including winner announcements and special events. Additionally, the TechD solution protects personally identifiable information (PII) for thousands of players across multiple states and platforms.

The payout: Improved player satisfaction and operational efficiencies

The TechD approach solidified its customer’s position as a leader in the lottery and digital gaming industry, where player engagement and responsiveness are vital to boosting revenues for the states and jurisdictions it serves. The virtual agent not only helps accurately answer a high volume of queries, but it has also reduced the customer support team’s workload by 40%–60%, redirecting their efforts to higher-value player-focused services and projects.

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