Streamlining information search using gen AI
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Searching for relevant information

System Research, a system integrator based in Nagoya, Japan, had been searching for information from within its internal documents. However, this was a difficult and time-consuming process, as the data was not cross-searchable and the results were not what was expected. In many cases, employees had difficulty searching for expected documents on their own, so they sought help from their supervisors or colleagues, asking for search keywords or hints on where to find them.

3 weeks duration of pilot for UI development 50% time reduction in getting needed information
Uncovering specific detail with gen AI

By using IBM Watson® Discovery’s knowledge search capabilities, System Research was able to uncover specific information detail as well as rulebooks that could not otherwise be released to the public. In addition, System Research used IBM, a generative AI (gen AI) studio, to provide answers that match the intent of the questions. The company ran a pilot version for three weeks for UI development, displaying Watson Discovery search results at the bottom of the chat field, and tuned the solution to improve accuracy.

Reducing time needed to find information

System Research felt it was easy to search for desired information in natural language using chat, and the company realized a 50% reduction in the time required to get the information it needed.

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About System Research

System Research (link resides outside of is an IBM Business Partner and system integrator established 40 years ago and headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. It can handle everything from the upstream to downstream processes of system construction, as well as operation and maintenance, all in-house. is helping companies custom build AI solutions to suit their specific needs.

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