Business challenge

PT Wings Surya must ensure data availability to aid fast decision-making. With backups growing more complex and raising the risk of disruption to core operations, the company needed a new strategy.


PT Wings Surya deployed IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to back up core business systems running on hundreds of virtual machines, keeping data safe from corruption and unexpected incidents.



faster backup completions


business uptime and cuts the risk of costly service outages


reduced backup costs by eliminating need for tape and manual programming

Business challenge story

Continuing a long history of growth

From humble beginnings in 1948, PT Wings Surya has grown to become a leader in the Indonesian consumer goods market. The company today manufactures hundreds of products, from detergents and personal care items, to food and beverages. To protect its hard-won market share, PT Wings Surya must resist strong competition and ensure that items reach retailers in time to satisfy consumer demand.

To support its operations, PT Wings relies on core business systems including SAP ERP on IBM Db2®, and many other surrounding applications running on virtual machines. The company also pioneers the use of big data analytics tools, enabling it to assess developments in the fast-changing market, optimize its extensive supply chain, and make fast decisions to stay ahead of its rivals.

Disruption to data availability could hamper the company’s ability to bring goods to market quickly, making disaster recovery planning a key task for the IT team at PT Wings Surya. To protect its mission-critical data from the risk of corruption and disaster, the company needs an effective backup and recovery strategy.

Daniel Tjandra, Head of IT Division at PT Wings Surya explains: "Our previous backup solutions struggled to keep pace with volume of data generated by our analytics and ERP landscape. We were using many manual processes and an old-fashioned tape library as our secondary storage, and encountered issues with lengthy recovery times. To solve these challenges, we wanted to find a more advanced flexible solution."

Thanks to Spectrum Protect Plus, we complete backup jobs approximately 40 percent faster than previously, cutting the time taken from eight to five hours.

Daniel Tjandra, IT Division Head, PT Wings Surya

Transformation story

Tackling virtual machine backups

After assessing several new backup and recovery solutions and completing a proof of concept (PoC), PT Wings decided to deploy IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. To complete the implementation, the company engaged IBM Systems Lab Services to ensure a smooth switchover.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus simplified the backup and recovery of the company’s hundreds of virtual machines, as well as its SAP environment and IBM Db2 data warehouse.

Daniel Tjandra explains: “IBM has been a key partner for us for many years now and has always delivered excellent service. When we approached them for a backup solution, we were impressed that the sales consultants and technical team took the time to come to our main office and work through our detailed requirements and take on board our feedback.

“When we learned what Spectrum Protect Plus can do—especially the fact that the solution is specifically engineered to back up virtual machine environments—we realized we had found a strong solution that would closely align with our needs. We then ran a PoC and saw at first hand the exceptional speed and performance of the IBM solution. It was an easy decision to press ahead with the project after this.”

The company’s backup team delivered excellent feedback, highlighting the user-friendliness of the IBM solution. With its previous tools, the team would have to spend many hours developing custom scripts before they could back up its complex virtual machine environment. Now, with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, the team can move beyond many of its manual backup processes.

Daniel Tjandra continues: “With our previous solution, we had to script lots of commands, and managing all of the scripts would take many hours every week. If the engineer who created a script was unavailable or moved on, we would have to dedicate even more time to find a workaround. With Spectrum Protect Plus, we can automate these processes, protecting us from legacy script issues.”

Spectrum Protect Plus strengthens our disaster recovery planning and prevents interruption to the key processes that help us bring products to market and sharpen our competitive edge.

Daniel Tjandra, IT Division Head, PT Wings Surya

Results story

Building a smarter backup strategy

With IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, PT Wings Surya accelerates backup and recovery jobs, safeguarding business continuity and helping business users to unlock the insights required to optimize its supply chain operations.

The company enjoys the intuitive user-interface and the advanced functionality of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus which simplifies backup tasks, and removes the need for time-consuming programming tasks.

Daniel Tjandra comments: “Every time we updated the rest of our core systems, it would cause significant issues with the data transfer to the tape drive, and we would have to dedicate many hours to scripting new commands before we could complete backup and recovery jobs.

“With the IBM solution, we have the flexibility to use disk or cloud as secondary storage instead of tape and can schedule automatic backups in line with our data protection policies. Thanks to Spectrum Protect Plus, we complete backup jobs 40 percent faster than previously, cutting the time taken from eight to five hours.”

By eliminating the need for its tape drive and enabling its backup team to focus on more value tasks, PT Wings Surya drives up the efficiency of its operating model. Daniel Tjandra adds: “Based on the results, we estimate that we have reduced our backup costs with Spectrum Protect Plus by 60 percent.”

By using IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, PT Wings Surya keeps its mission-critical data protected and available for its business users to run the analytics tasks that keep the company ahead of its rivals. In the event of a disaster or data corruption, the company can take advantage of near-instant search and restore functionality and rapidly recover files and virtual machine settings from its secondary storage location, minimizing disruption to core operations.

Daniel Tjandra concludes: “We are very glad that we chose to continue our partnership with IBM. We are confident of the long-term benefits of the deployment. Spectrum Protect Plus strengthens our disaster recovery plan and prevents interruption to the key processes that help us bring products to market and sharpen our competitive edge.”

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PT Wings Surya

Based in Surabaya, Indonesia, PT Wings Surya is a leading manufacturer of consumer goods, including soaps and detergent, food and beverages, and personal care items. Part of the Wings Group founded in 1948, the company today has over 3,000 employees and operates an extensive distribution network across Indonesia and beyond. 

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