Business challenge

To deliver its multiline mobility service to an enterprise audience, Movius sought a trusted cloud provider with far-reaching data center presence and robust backup and restore capabilities.


With IBM Cloud bare metal server infrastructure hosted worldwide and the Veeam on IBM Cloud backup and restore service, Movius provides its multiline offering to enterprises around the globe.


Boosts agility

with IBM Cloud platform capabilities supporting fast, highly consistent deployment across locations

Strengthens focus

on business-critical needs with cloud infrastructure expertise provided by IBM

Enhances availability

and helps enterprises address regulatory requirements with the Veeam service

Business challenge story

Bringing multiline mobility to the enterprise

To meet growing enterprise demand for simpler and industry-compliant mobile business communications, Movius developed a sophisticated multiline service for employee smartphones. Adding a secure corporate phone number to an existing personal device, the Movius Multi-Line Solution allows employees to send and receive business calls and texts while maintaining their primary phone numbers for personal use.

Delivering the service to an international enterprise audience requires Movius to team with leading telecommunications carriers worldwide. To position its business for rapid, seamless growth, the company wanted to shift from on-premises IT infrastructure to a cloud platform with far-reaching data center presence and powerful bare metal server technology. Additionally, Movius needed robust backup and restore capabilities to support its enterprise customers in complying with industry regulations for voice and messaging data retention.

Leveraging IBM Cloud allows us to really focus on what we’re good at and what we need to in order to deliver a successful service. —Amit Modi, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Movius

Amit Modi, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Movius

Transformation story

Going global on an IBM Cloud platform

Evaluating cloud platforms from global providers that included Rackspace and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Movius chose an IBM Cloud hosting solution. “The IBM name was one of our deciding factors because it means instant trust with our customer base,” says Amit Modi, Movius Chief Product and Technology Officer. “IBM offers exceptional cloud capabilities in terms of physical control, the security of the platform, and the process maturity behind it all. And IBM has the kind of international presence that puts us in the locations we need to be in.”

To team with telecommunications companies in rapidly rolling out its multiline service, Movius created a repeatable deployment plan for fast, easy implementation in IBM Cloud data centers worldwide. The company runs its telephony application in self-managed VMware environments hosted on IBM Cloud bare metal server infrastructure in Dallas, Texas; Mexico City, Mexico; London, England; and Sydney, Australia, and plans to provision additional disaster recovery infrastructure in Washington, DC, and Singapore.

The Veeam on IBM Cloud service provides critical backup and restore capabilities for Movius’s virtual environments, including cost-effective, flexible functionality for meeting industry-specific data retention requirements. The business also uses the service to quickly and easily migrate virtual workloads to the IBM Cloud platform and between hosting locations for failover purposes.

Results story

Gaining agility and driving continued expansion

The IBM Cloud solution provides the scalable global hosting platform Movius needs for quick, agile delivery of its innovative offering. “With IBM Cloud, we have a highly consistent deployment that’s easily implementable across locations,” says Modi. “We have a very mature cloud platform with a documented set of capabilities, and we can provision compute, network and storage resources in a matter of minutes.”

And with the Veeam service, Movius strengthens and standardizes its backup and restore functionality across a continually expanding infrastructure. In addition to helping enterprise customers address diverse regulatory requirements, the Veeam solution supports greater availability and resiliency for the company’s cornerstone service offering.

IBM’s expertise and well-established reputation as a trusted infrastructure provider help Movius focus on its business-critical needs and offer a compelling value proposition to potential customers. “We’re not in the data center business; we’re in the business of connecting people,” explains Modi. “Leveraging IBM Cloud allows us to really focus on what we’re good at and what we need to in order to deliver a successful service. And it gives us credibility as we go to market and talk to enterprise customers.”

Powered by IBM Cloud technology and supported by the larger IBM network of expert technology service providers, Movius anticipates continued business growth and global expansion. “The pace of innovation within IBM in terms of delivering new capabilities that are relevant to how we run our business is key for us,” says Modi. “And the partners IBM brings to the table as part of a larger ecosystem add a great deal of direct value for us as well. These are the things that will help us continue to grow, innovate and deliver additional value to our customers.”


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About Movius

Movius provides cloud-based mobility solutions designed to solve compliance and security challenges for global enterprises while improving productivity and cost management. The company serves more than 75 million subscribers and delivers the platform of choice for some of the world’s largest mobile carriers, including a multiline solution that separates personal and business communications on a single device. Founded in 2007, Movius maintains headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and five additional office locations worldwide.

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