Announcing the new IBM Maximo Application Suite - monitoring, maintenance and reliability in a single platform

What is APM?

Asset performance management (APM) enhances enterprise asset management (EAM) by delivering insights at the point of action to minimize unplanned repair work, reduce equipment failure, increase asset availability and extend asset life without unnecessary costs. Infused with advanced analytics, AI and industry-customized applications, IBM Maximo® APM helps operations and reliability leaders understand how and when assets fail, enabling them to take the best actions to optimize asset performance.

IBM Maximo Asset Monitor: AI-powered remote monitoring at enterprise scale

Joe Berti, IBM Watson IoT VP of offering management, and Rob Mora, VP of business development at Novate Solutions — an IBM client — shared Novate's experience with IBM Maximo Asset Monitor. Learn about our latest investments in the market-leading asset management suite and what it means to monitor smarter.


Sandvik equipment

IoT and predictive maintenance helps Sandvik dig deep

Sandvik partnered with Watson IoT™ to provide smarter, safer and more efficient operations for customers. The mining machine equipment manufacturer moved asset management strategies from preventative to predictive maintenance to reduce repairs and unnecessary maintenance, and to keep operations running at optimum efficiency.

Plan your asset strategy

Optimize asset maintenance and replacement strategies based on asset risk and criticality. Determine how to better manage inspections and maintenance, optimize repair and operations (MRO) inventories, and prioritize replacement versus repair decisions.

Monitor assets smarter

Remotely monitor critical assets and operations with AI-powered monitoring at enterprise scale. Aggregate operating state and IT data with process parameters across repositories to provide enterprise-wide visibility into performance and receive fewer, more accurate alerts and greater insights.

Optimize asset health

Transform your approach by driving actions based on the current health of your assets. Monitor factors such as condition, cost, performance and remaining useful life. Define scoring methods, prioritize areas of focus and initiate maintenance activities.

Man using computer

Predict asset failure

Use an IoT and AI platform as a crystal ball for your asset health. Correlate factors such as historical and real-time asset performance data, maintenance records, inspection reports and environmental data to predict when asset degradation or failure might occur.

Mechanic engineer working

Optimize your energy and utility assets

Take a 360-degree view of interconnected energy and utility assets. Make informed decisions by employing IoT, AI and advanced analytics for a comprehensive look at asset health, predictive maintenance and repair management.

Products behind this solution

IBM Maximo Asset Monitor

Enable AI-powered monitoring at enterprise scale

IBM Maximo APM - Asset Health Insights

Determine the health of your assets by using IoT, external and historical data and asset models. Accelerate your journey toward condition-based maintenance.

IBM Maximo APM - Predictive Maintenance Insights

Avoid the pitfalls of costly and unnecessary preventative maintenance. Use data and advanced analytics to predict when critical equipment might fail so you can take the appropriate action.

IBM Maximo APM for Energy and Utilities

Improve asset maintenance and utilization for energy and utility companies by using an APM platform with AI.

More ways to optimize your asset management

Client success

Armstrong gains insights from the heart of your building

Armstrong teamed up with Watson IoT to create an intelligent HVAC pump that can make buildings more energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The ability to not only monitor health, but also predict pump degradation helps customers maximize the performance of their HVAC systems.