Vice President, Cognitive Business Decision Support, IBM Services Europe

By Giorgio Danesi and Francesco Brenna on 18 June, 2020

Closer connections: how to maintain customer loyalty in a pandemic

Emerge smarter As the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic gives way to a period of reflection and rebuilding, we have an opportunity to reimagine how business works. To challenge long-held beliefs about what truly matters to the viability, competitiveness and health of our organisations and people. In this blog series, five IBM experts examine […]

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By Giorgio Danesi on 22 October, 2019

Design intelligent workflows

Humanising machines: how intelligent workflows will transform customer experience. When we talk about the ways in which AI is going to change the world of business, all discussions lead back to one important point. The truly successful Cognitive Enterprise is one in which technology works alongside people to enable the best possible customer experience – […]

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