By Jenny Taylor on 8 February, 2021

How IBM has adapted early professional recruitment and onboarding strategies in light of the pandemic

Organisations spent £6.6 billion in 2020 on the skills shortage, up from £4.4 billion in 2019 [1] (Open University Business Barometer 2020). These skill shortages are predominantly addressed through recruitment activities, with ever more businesses opting for a sustainable, long-term approach to address the skills gap. Nearly half (48%) of employers acknowledged that apprenticeships and […]

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By Andi Britt and James Cook on 2 February, 2021

How to build a self-reinventing workforce

Nine principles that underpin skills transformation at IBM When we asked 5,000 business leaders what core skills they look for in the workforce, technical, digital and data skills featured prominently in their responses. As businesses wake up to the reality that data, automation and artificial intelligence will not just feature in but shape their futures, […]

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By Francesco Brenna on 24 November, 2020

Redefining the contact centre of tomorrow

It’s still early to draw conclusions for the year 2020, however, it’s likely that businesses will remember it as a time when the workplace changed forever. When, for many companies, the sudden shift to remote working and working from home coincided with a surge in customer calls. To face the challenge, customer contact centres need […]

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By Louise Skordby on 23 November, 2020

Return to the workplace with confidence

2020 has been the year of unforeseen challenges for businesses and society alike. In the face of crisis, people are becoming increasingly concerned with health and safety measures. To demonstrate to employees that they are protected, organizations need to ensure that health and safety policies are being fully implemented and that there are quick responses […]

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By Andrei Savin on 10 November, 2020

It’s time for enterprises to learn from experience

IBM iX European Client Innovation Centres lead, Andrei Savin, argues that customer experience can be both a catalyst and a guiding principle for enterprise transformation. As the world starts to emerge from pandemic-fueled disruption, many of us are sensing an opportunity to consciously reset the way business and society operate. We’re all facing up to […]

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By Luis Chiang on 10 November, 2020

Why Salesforce is a secret weapon for digital transformation

As the IBM Bluewolf team publishes its ninth annual The State of Salesforce report, Luis Chiang, Salesforce Innovation Unit Leader, IBM EMEA, argues that businesses facing up to digital transformation can make significant headway by creatively building on a platform they’re probably already using. I’m always excited about the release of The State of Salesforce, […]

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By Tracey Gilbert on 10 November, 2020

The key to exceptional experiences? Harnessing the speed of change

2020 has transformed the way we live and work. With the pace of change only set to accelerate, Tracey Gilbert, Business Unit Leader, Enterprise Strategy &  iX, looks at how businesses can use speed as an advantage to design better experiences for customers and employees in the long run. It’s safe to say we’re living […]

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By James Brazill on 4 November, 2020

Virtual delivery of a virtual agent using Watson Assistant, helping real fans and players during COVID.

For seven years now, IBM has been the Rugby Football Union’s Official AI and Cloud platforms Partner, helping the RFU harness technology to enhance the experiences England Rugby creates for players, customers and fans. But with the unexpected impact of COVID, IBM has also been working with the RFU to transform the customer support experience. Customer support is vital for […]

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By John Sullivan on 3 November, 2020

Why it’s time to get smart about experience.

As the world’s businesses start to reopen, it’s time to rethink how we move forward. The key to transforming our businesses for the future, writes John Sullivan, Managing Partner, IBM Enterprise Strategy & iX, EMEA, is to lead with experience.  Exceptional experience has long been recognised as a critical factor for business success. As customers, […]

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By Julie Lagan on 28 October, 2020

Never underestimate the power of the contact centre

In a hyperconnected world, customers have come to expect great experiences – anywhere and anytime – whether they’re checking their bank balance on their mobile, calling a gas company to query a bill or ordering a pizza online.  In their quest to meet such modern demands, businesses have expanded their communication channels and this, in […]

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By Charles Lupton on 16 October, 2020

Unlocking the potential of industrial digitalisation with 5G

Innovative thinkers across Britain are using their creativity to harness the power of 5G to boost economic productivity, reduce pollution and congestion, and develop the next generation of entertainment. In the North of England the focus is firmly on accelerating the growth of advanced manufacturing across the region. There are many possibilities for innovation and […]

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By Paul Farrell on 9 October, 2020

COVID-19 recovery with Artificial Intelligence

Accelerating COVID-19 recovery with Artificial Intelligence As organisations across Ireland are looking to move forward and apply the lessons learnt from the first wave of the pandemic, they are faced with an overwhelming amount of information from within their business. Or ironically, a lack of the information they actually need to solve problems and help […]

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By Zeeshan Ahmed on 9 October, 2020

CBM4Cloud Workshops

CBM4Cloud Workshops Since the turn of the year, alongside my usual job responsibilities, I have found myself running Component Business Model for Cloud (CBM4Cloud) workshops with our Public Sector clients. For those who are not aware, a CBM4Cloud workshop is a method that IBM uses (with or without a client) to understand the client landscape […]

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By Petrena Prince on 7 October, 2020

IBM continues to deepen its collaboration with the University of Oxford

Partnerships between academia and business have taken place for hundreds of years and IBM’s involvement stretches back to 1945. In the modern world, these partnerships have become ever more necessary, with universities requiring access to funding, technology and real-world skills, and industry needing greater creativity, invention and vision to tackle problems of the future.  With […]

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By Mark Davies on 23 September, 2020

Emerging stronger and smarter: A three-stage strategy to help clear the NHS backlog and build operational resilience post-lockdown

As the UK steels itself for potential further waves of COVID-19, we are still calculating the toll on our health service. With NHS resources significantly consumed by the pandemic, what will be the impact on healthcare provision in the medium term, and how can technology help alleviate the pressure? A new Ipsos MORI online poll […]

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