A workplace that works for you or watches you?

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Imagine yourself being in a workplace that recognizes you at the moment you enter. It observes your current state.  Did you sleep well? Are you full of energy? Or could you need some support to get through the day? Current technologies can make this happen. But is this desirable?

Working environment infused with AI

‘The role of AI in the workplace’ was the theme of project ‘Queen B.’ For two weeks everyone could experience a working environment infused with AI. Queen B supports you to be more productive. She advises you on coffee breaks, food choice for lunch, the type of workplace you should sit. There were focus seats, collaboration areas, a relax zone, etc. With the complete setup you could really feel what it would be like to have a smart workplace. Is this a convenient service, helping us to be the best we can be, or is it undermining our privacy and autonomy?

Project Queen B

Project Queen B – video

The ethical approach to AI.

Studio Lonk (spatial design studio) and Ditt (office designers) initiated this project to open the debate. It’s a given that technology evolves further, but to what extend do we want it to be integrated in our day to day lives? At IBM we build these new technologies, who seem to make everything you dream of making possible. Using new technologies is one thing, we are also very concerned about the output the new technology comes with. That’s why we are very much involved in the ethical approach to AI.

Creating the workplace of the future in an ethical way

As AI advances, it is essential that we can all trust the output of AI technology to inform our decisions. To gain this trust, we defined and published clear ethical principles. We embed these in the way we design, develop and continuously monitor our AI technology. With the project of Studio Lonk we support the discussion on creating the workplace of the future in an ethical way. As we find it important to share with other organisations how to embrace new technologies and ethical principles.

Tell us, how do see the workplace of the future? Would you like to know more about AI & Ethics? Contact Sophie Kuijt, IBM Benelux’ lead for Data, Artificial Intelligence & Ethics

Sophie Kuijt is IBM Benelux’ lead for Data, Artificial Intelligence & Ethics. She leads the local community in The Netherlands where ethical challenges are discussed and education & guidance is being developed for IBM’s AI and Data practitioners. Sophie also represents IBM Nederland in NLdigital’s thinktank on Digital Ethics.


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