Exploring quantum spin liquids as a reservoir for atomic-scale electronics

In “Probing resonating valence bond states in artificial quantum magnets,” we show that quantum spin liquids can be built and probed with atomic precision.

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Detecting the Magnetism of a Single Atom’s Nucleus

Our team at IBM Research − Almaden in Silicon Valley has detected the magnetism of a single atom’s nucleus, a feat that opens the door to using the nucleus as a way to sense and control magnetism at the atomic scale. This breakthrough, recently published in the journal Science, was achieved by measuring the magnetic […]

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Bartending Robots & Spintronics

I’m an engineer in the Magnetoelectronics and Spintronics group at IBM Research – Almaden. We explore the physics, materials science and potential technology applications of materials we create one atomic layer at a time with our ultra-high vacuum thin-film deposition tools. But I’ve also been making costumes, props and gadgets since I was eight years […]

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