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Tracking tuberculosis in South Africa

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 80 percent of the South African population has latent Tuberculosis (TB), with about 450,000 active TB cases in 2013 alone. Last year, TB deaths overtook those of HIV/AIDS, making it the world’s deadliest infectious disease. A significant number of infectious TB cases (about 37.5{ccf696850f4de51e8cea028aa388d2d2d2eef894571ad33a4aa3b26b43009887} globally) go undetected and […]

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Hacking anti-malarial drug resistance

The term “hacker” was once associated with someone doing some nefarious computational task, such as gaining access to a secure server. But today the term’s meaning has evolved; companies even hire “white hat” hackers to assess their network security. And hacking events, more-commonly called hackathons are organized for engineers and scientists to offer positive outcomes […]

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Ryerson looks to expand collaborations in Africa with IBM

Several weeks ago IBM officially switched on the “open for business” sign at its research lab in Johannesburg, South Africa with a grand opening event. More than 150 guests were treated to a tour of the lab which included demos showing how IBM scientists are using cognitive computing, the Internet of Things and Big Data to support […]

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IBM and Next Einstein Forum launch visiting scientist program

IBM Research-Africa and the Next Einstein Forum have partnered on a new Visiting Scientist Program, where five of the 15 newly named NEF Fellows will have the opportunity to visit and lecture at one of IBM’s 12 global research labs. “The visiting scientists – full-time scientists at prestigious institutions and universities across the world – […]

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