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Inventors’ Corner: U.S. Patent # 7,610,187 – Lingual translation of syndicated content feeds

This new patented invention from IBM brings real-time, language translation delivered right to your computer one step closer to reality. The patent describes a technique that enables syndicated content feeds to provide viewers the choice of reading blogs or news feeds in different languages. The system uses a translation server, such as Websphere Translation Server, which is configured to dynamically translate syndicated content feeds, such as RSS or Atom feeds, into multiple languages. The translated feeds are received by an aggregator and are available for viewing by recipients in their specified language(s).

The patent was issued to IBM Researcher Jo Grant of Winchester, MA.

[View patent details]


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  2. Any word on whether Mr. Grant's name change had any influence on the USPTO to allow the case to issue?

  3. Hi Barry. Joseph M. Jaquinta and Jo Grant are the same person. – Kevin, IBM Research

  4. Barry Leiba says:

    «The patent was issued to IBM Researcher Jo Grant of Winchester, MA.»

    Hm. Not according to the patent, which says the inventor is Joseph M. Jaquinta, of Medford, MA.