IBM and Disruption capabilities go hand in hand

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A few years back I saw an entertaining show by Dietmar Dahmen. He reminded me about the fact that we have seen disruption in the evolution of which we have been part.The invention of the wheel, adding a horse in front of a wagon and later when the wagon turned into a car driven by an engine.

Much later in history our phones became smart phones which made an impact on industry. Uber has disrupted the Taxi industry, Spotify the Music industry, Facebook the way we communicate (text messages are almost a thing of the past), Google has become the way to find stuff on the internet. Netflix and similar services brought streaming to our homes and then the Video industry was disrupted.

We experience disruption again and again and again – and will do again tomorrow.

Dietmar Dahmen nicely outlines that companies need to act, and act fast as disruption will keep happening. It is hard to control and hard to predict what is next.

With IBM’s Cognitive computing services, we are disrupting how large amount of data are processed. It is one of  the (big) data challenges, we produce data but we were lacking methods to get meaningful insights and intelligence out of the data. Today we can recognize patterns in something that seems to have no context, in the IT industry we can predict and prevent system events from happening. We can get our machines to self-learn through machine learning.

The recent Maersk & IBM announcement is about capitalizing on Blockchain technology and ensuring action in a fast and emerging market.

Not that long ago I had the pleasure to visit our IBM Watson Lab in New York. Here the Lab has an awesome set of Quantum computers which can process 100.000 times more than a traditional processor. I promise you, there is another disruption just around the corner.

I would personally like to see the type of  Cyber security disruption where we get ahead of security threats and foresee security violations before they happen – or at least before they have an impact.

There is no doubt in my mind, disruption is one of the key differentiators and IBM has significant technological capabilities to support companies to be on the leading edge.

Director and Project Executive

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