Quantum Computing

The Age of Quantum Computing is (almost) here…

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We are on the verge of the Quantum Computing Age, and companies like JP Morgan, Volkswagen and many others are already experimenting with Quantum Computing to solve so far unsolvable problems.

In an 18 minutes podcast , produced by WJS, you get a very good and short introduction to quantum computing, how it works and how it is already being explored and used today.

IBM is deeply engaged in and leading the research of materials for, designs of quantum processors and software development tools (QISKit), we hold the record quantum computer (generally called IBM Q) with the size of 50 qubits and in the podcast featuring Dario Gil, IBM VP of AI and Quantum Computing Research, you can not only hear Dario talk about our research in quantum, but also hear the sound of one of IBMs quantum computers in the T.J.Watson research lab.

We have established the Q Network, a community where participating companies can gain access to IBM Q and explore and test different use-cases that are valuable to their businesses.

As an example, J.P. Morgan explores the possibilities of developing new, much more advanced financial models of instruments and risks.  A quantum computer can run countless scenarios in seconds with a lot of variables such as volumes, prices, trading patterns, probabilities etc.

Pharmaceutical companies are exploring how quantum computing may be used for drug discovery.  A company like Biogen is testing how they can speed up significantly the discovery of new molecules that could cure multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers and more.  Instead of months of lab experiments they will be able to perform molecular matching, evaluate different molecule structures and predict toxicity in seconds.

Daimler AG works with IBM to advance the potential use cases of quantum computing for the automotive and transportation industry. Some areas of research includes findings and developing new materials for automotive application through quantum chemistry, complex optimization problems such as for manufacturing processes or vehicle routing for fleet logistics or autonomous/self-driving cars, and the intersection of quantum and machine learning to enhance the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Once we have the first commercially available ‘general purpose’ quantum computer, opportunities are practically endless for solving the toughest problems in the World.  We are not there yet…. but we are rapidly getting closer.

If you like to know more about IBMs Quantum Computer and the Q Network, check out here.

And if you like to try one out, go to our Quantum Experience website, where you can write code and get it processed on a real quantum computer.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at andersq@dk.ibm.com

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