Cognitive Procurement: Seizing the AI opportunity

What we mean by Cognitive Procurement Procurement functions have evolved through many iterations. In the past, procurement operated as decentralized siloed groups working with “tribal knowledge” and ad hoc spend data focused on unit cost improvement. Recently, procurement has matured into technology-enabled global teams that drive strategic supplier relationships and focus on total cost of […]

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Optimise your industrial performance with the IBM Plant Advisor

Would you like to improve your low preforming operator to perform as the best within 3 months? IBM’s Cognitive Plant Advisor (CPA) is currently being piloted in a plant at a global manufacturer, with the ambition to implement and scale across >40 production facilities. By providing actionable set-point recommendations, we want to enable our client […]

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IBM and Disruption capabilities go hand in hand

A few years back I saw an entertaining show by Dietmar Dahmen. He reminded me about the fact that we have seen disruption in the evolution of which we have been part.The invention of the wheel, adding a horse in front of a wagon and later when the wagon turned into a car driven by […]

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The Cognitive era of IT-Operations is here

Through bundling automation, Analytics and Cognitive computing, IBM was able to help Danske Bank deliver automated delivery, and innovative continual service improvement. Ensuring consistency outcomes and reducing human errors, whilst significantly removing delays in restoration of critical services, even preventing them before they occur. Immediately after the  implementation the number of distributed infrastructure major incidents […]

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Watson Experience

Are you curious to learn what Watson can do for your business? IBM Watson is changing business for good. Every day, Watson is at work in many industries all around the globe helping professionals work to make more informed decisions and do their best work even better. While some think Watson is a black box […]

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Incumbents strike back in their fight against start-ups

Digital transformation is affecting businesses. But it’s not a heart-stopping shakeup. It’s an eye-opening opportunity. Find new paths to Digital Reinvention™ in the 19th edition of the IBM Global C-suite Study “Incumbents Strike Back: Insights from the Global C-suite Study,”  . Based on conversations with more than 12,854 CxOs worldwide, of which 3457 from Europe […]

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The future labor market is created together with robots.

Humans dare to dream big – machines cannot On a regular basis, the media landscape is invaded by scare stories about technologies that take our jobs or overtake us. In example, Elon Musk recently took a tour of the media mill with an opinion that a third world war would be about artificial intelligence; however, […]

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The Learning Health Care Sector

I believe the future health sector will be designed to generate and apply the best available knowledge for every single patient, every healthcare professional and every company. IBM is supporting this ambition by providing advanced data analysis, cloud solutions, and cognitive technology for the healthcare and life science industry. Digital technologies, services and solutions have […]

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Elementary, Dear Watson!

Since the big breakthrough in 2011, IBM Watson has been on everybody’s lips – it has become elementary to get started with IBM Watson! On January 24th in Copenhagen we will learn not only about Watson and how it has become elementary, but also how the Watson Technology is used by different customers and partners. […]

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