Cloud transformation now and in the future

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In late January, an event called Tivi Cloud & Data Center 2019was arranged in Finland, which succinctly bundled up the challenges and opportunities in cloud and data center solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all model for optimum management of IT infrastructure.

The cloud has created new expectations of IT. Different user groups require fast operating capabilities, simplicity in management, an overall view of capacity, and flexibility and scalability. Both the data center and the cloud have their place, as long as the purpose is clear.

Management and cost-efficiency of data storage, for instance, play a key role in considering data centers’ right to exist, but the same features live in the cloud too.

It is not enough to effect change in reforming technology alone

However, if you have found that a move toward the cloud is worthwhile, you will probably face a somewhat bumpy ride, which is not completed overnight. If the reform seems too big a leap to take at once, you should begin with small steps to get started. From the very start of the journey, you will need close cooperation, especially if you work with the DevOps method, and a certain kind of mindset change from the whole team.

In any case, you should make regular stops during the cloud journey to evaluate whether you are moving in the right direction. So navigation is important in the midst of all the upheaval. Whether the goal is agile transferability of data, transparency, improvement of cost efficiency or ensuring additional capacity, you must ensure you are proceeding according to your plans.

The law, information security and artificial intelligence as part of the cloud

GDPR has made it necessary to consider, from a legal perspective, what kind of data can be stored in which locations, and how to ensure sufficient information security to minimize as much as possible the risk of being targeted by a cyber-attack. Constant usability, enabled by the cloud, may result in a failure of information security.

Artificial intelligence can assist with optimized transferability of data. The transferability of various services from one platform to the next, according to the relevant use, can be done with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Many people have also been hooked by how artificial intelligence can be utilized in making data centers operate independently.

In summarizing the Tivi event, I recommend everyone to learn more about cloud partners and to choose the path most suitable for their own organization. My colleagues and I would be happy to describe IBM’s range of cloud and data center products and services and explain why many customers have embarked on a journey to the cloud with us.

Download for yourself: IBM Cloud Adoption Playbook

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