22 March 2017

Customer focus of Education: My University and what TSIA suggests

Customer focus of my university I studied at the Technical University in Munich. They are one of the best Universities in Germany. All professors working there are proud of what they achieved. And looking back I have to say the University is really good. I was proud when I finished. And I had a fast […]

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27 February 2017

Arrow, Indiegogo and IBM announce groundbreaking partnership

On February 16, 2017, Arrow Electronics, IBM and Indiegogo announced a partnership to help bring new Internet of Things (IoT) ideas to life.  The collaboration brings IBM’s Watson IoT platform and cloud services together with ideation to production services from Arrow Electronics and Indiegogo. Originally launched as a crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo is the place for […]

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20 February 2017

LearnQuest wins IBM Choice Award for Worldwide Training Partner of the Year!

LearnQuest, a global authorized IBM training provider, announced it was named on February 14th as winner of an IBM Choice Award for Worldwide Training Partner of the Year for a second consecutive year. Honored at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, LearnQuest was recognized for its working relationships with clients and […]

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15 February 2017

COBOL usage today

Did you know: 80 percent of the world’s daily business transactions rely on COBOL? I have to say I was surprised when I saw the facts from a recent Wall Street Journal article. The article refers to the fact that Cobol still plays a big role. I would have thought the language is no longer […]

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8 February 2017

I’m part of Generation C

Generation C, X, Y, Z I think I understood the differentiation of Generation X, Y, Baby Boomers, Millennials. – Now you do not know what Generation C is? I read about “Gen C” in a Bog Post and learnt this means “Connected Consumer”. Referring to this I felt directly in love with this definition. Why? […]

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23 January 2017

Easily Modernize Applications to Stay Competitive – shouldn’t we speak about Training instead?

Yesterday, I found  an interesting article around “Easily Modernize Applications to Stay Competitive”. When I was reading the article I learned a lot about what could be done and got some good advice. I felt comfortable with the guy who wrote the article. But suddenly I was thinking: He is giving kind of good training, […]

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13 January 2017

Quality training with ultimate flexibility: Statistics 2016 and what they tell you for you 2017 Learning Approach

I would like to share two statistics about satisfaction with Digital Learning:  And two quotes from students: “Having access to high quality lectures and lab exercises on demand is amazing. I don’t have the ability to take enough time off from work to take classes like this in person, so having them available as a […]

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11 January 2017

Why Self-Directed Learning Matters in Today’s Cloud-Focused World

As technology continues to shift more and more to the cloud, the mentality of those in charge of dispersing training funds could be following in the same direction. In the past, spending a week away from the office for training may have been the most viable and possibly the only option. Now times are changing […]

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4 January 2017

Use Storytelling when developping eLearning – and implement what is already a success for CMOs

As IBMer we started some years ago to discover that storytelling is a very valuable approach in various areas, from Management to Sales and Marketing. I was now surprised to find multiple articles around this, including an article around eLearning and the value of Storytelling for learners – and on the other hand an interesting […]

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28 December 2016

Quality training with ultimate flexibility

You need effective training on your timeline. Studies show watching a video doesn’t always transfer needed skills alone – that’s why Globalknowledge, one of IBMs Global Training Partners, combined the best features of instructor-led training with the best of self-paced. This new delivery format provides the same world-class training quality as a traditional classroom with the flexibility […]

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20 December 2016

2016 IBM Destination z Enterprise Computing Scholarship

The ninth annual IBM Destination z Enterprise Computing Scholarship program is accepting applications through January 30, 2017. To be considered for this scholarship, students must demonstrate excellence in their enterprise computing coursework as well as plans for continued growth on the mainframe in their academic and professional careers. The top scholarship recipient will earn the […]

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2 December 2016

Learning is personal…

In the past, people were trained to do their jobs once and this would last them for as long as they stayed in the same job.  Over time, as job roles morphed and new technologies were introduced, training became essential to keep people knowledgeable, skilled and up to date. Let’s fast forward to today, where people are constantly changing […]

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2 December 2016

Guaranteed-to-run courses @ IBM

I have spoken to one of our Clients yesterday, and was surprised that there was a complaint to me that IBM is not offering guaranteed-to-run courses. So, I explained that it was true in 2013 after a system change, that this “flag” really did not exist, but already since lots of quarters got added again. […]

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28 November 2016

93% of students reported they were likely to apply what they learned from labs and exercises

Quality training with ultimate flexibility You need effective training on your timeline.  Studies show watching a video doesn’t always transfer needed skills alone – that’s why Global Knowledge combined the best features of instructor-led training with the best of self-paced. This new delivery format provides the same world-class training quality as a traditional classroom with the […]

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28 October 2016

Where to find IBM Training & Skills: Twitter, LinkedIn and more

Reading this blog you’re using Social Media to access Training and Skills from IBM. Are you aware that there is much more than our Blog? Key updates can be found on various Social Media Sources. A good overview can be found on Social Media Presence IBM training

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25 October 2016

5 reasons to learn mainframe programming

I stumbled today across an article from Christopher O’Malley which is summarizing what I see since a while: People are looking again to Mainframe Skills as something valuable. There were times at the beginning of the century, where everybody wanted to only jump on new programming languages, but it seems there is some thoughts around […]

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14 October 2016

Skills are amongst 3 top priorities for CIO

Overall it seems we’re having a positive outlook for the overall IT Training Market: According to IBMs CIO Study CIOs “focusing on three goals, in particular: enhancing their organizations’ intelligence and insight, digitizing the front office and strengthening the IT department’s skills”. The study also reveals many more details around the areas to focus on: […]

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11 October 2016

Demand more from IT training.

Global Knowledge started rolling out new digital ways to create videos and digital training overall. Have a look to their preview video, which shows what they did around Microsoft, and currently working on their first videos also for IBM. It looks as if we really reached a time where digital learning is an attractive alternative […]

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