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Sponsor Users: an opportunity for networking

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Education Offerings in IBM

If you follow the blog entries in our IBM Training Blog regularly you realize that we’re doing a lot around transforming our Education. We completed the transition some years ago to use a Global Partner Network for Delivery and Sales. This year we’re working a lot on Digital Transformation and Offerings. While we just pushed out our first Digital Learning Subscription there are lots of other offerings to come.

While we have lots of statistics and experience from the market (see my article), this blog is about you. You’re already using IBM Training or you probably will at a certain point in time. So now you’re curious why this article is about you?

Sponsor User: Who is this in general?

Having good ideas and experiences how we develop new products is one thing. At the same time, designing  something that is easily usable and matches your needs is something else. IBM is using Design Thinking since a while to support this process. And we’re working closer and closer with our future users to get their feedback. If I’m speaking about users, I mean the real user. Any user working at one of our clients like consultant. Or are you using our products as freelancer or at a partner? Or are you currently learning to use our products? I hope you understand the idea: a sponsor user is somebody who is interested to give feedback around new and existing offerings.

Your chance to participate

I assume you now understand that we’re looking for people who are interested to help. Are you curious about new offerings of IBM Training?  Are you somebody who is interested to use what we’re bringing out? And subsequently are you interested to invest some time to help us making our products better? Then you are the one we are looking for. In return you can be an early adopter and get access to new offerings earlier than others. I know there are lots of people who are interested to give feedback. In addition I know there are lots of people with the right skills. So, if you’re interested please contact me on If there is a chance to participate, I’ll let you know.




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