James Daniels

2 December 2021

Webinar: Building blocks of workforce preparedness and employability

Listen to a panel of industry experts from IBM, Credly, and edX discuss how leading organizations are leveraging badges, certifications and other digital credentials to develop the workforce of tomorrow. Click here to learn more

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29 March 2021

Industry Badging; The Future of Computer-based Training and IBM Z

Daren Surch is the COO of IBM Business Partner Interskill Learning and a highly respected IBM Champion. In this podcast, Darren explains how he first got into mainframes and how Interskill is using digital badging. Darren also covers new developments at Interskill, along with the future landscape of computer-based training. Interskill Learning delivered in excess […]

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3 November 2020

IBM Connected Credentials: Recognizing Skill Development and Progression

There has been no end to the number of articles written over the past few years about the pros and cons of digital badging as this form of credentialing has grown in popularity. Most of what is reported is largely positive, and that has certainly been IBM’s experience over the nearly six years since developing […]

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17 June 2020

IBM Connected Credentials: Evolving the IBM Skills Recognition Framework

IBM’s training and education programs are driving outcomes for our learners.  New learning paths with roadmaps highlighting skill credential options, updated content, and new digital learning options are fostering meaningful engagement, higher completion rates, and more IBM credentialed skills in the ecosystem. These outcomes are significantly influenced by IBM’s comprehensive digital credentialing framework by extending […]

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29 April 2020

Learning during Lockdown: An IBM Digital Credential Case Study

On the frontlines of IBM’s training and education programs, we have seen and experienced many milestones influenced directly by our organization’s digital credentialing strategy. Learner engagement has improved by a significant margin, digital course completion rates have increased exponentially, and skills coverage insights are dramatically improved. These outcomes are achieved in large part by the […]

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24 October 2019

The Critical Need for Mainframe Skills

Who uses mainframes? If you ever used an automated teller machine (ATM) to interact with your bank account, you used a mainframe. If you have traveled by air, you used a mainframe. If you filed a tax return, made a retail purchase or filed an insurance claim, you used a mainframe. Mainframe computers play a […]

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27 June 2019

Developing the Next Generation of Mainframe Talent

When it comes to acquiring new skills, most everyone will agree that mentoring and coaching from subject matter experts is vital to the knowledge transfer process for those who are in the earlier stages of learning something new. It’s also a safe assumption that most everyone has found themselves on both sides of the mentoring […]

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13 February 2019

The case for lifelong learning

We often hear the term ‘lifelong learning’ – the “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated” pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Lifelong learning may sound a bit cliché, but I came across a video recently that truly put into perspective the importance of lifelong learning as a means to remain relevant throughout your career. […]

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13 July 2018

IBM issues One Millionth badge

IBM’s Digital Badge Program has reached a significant milestone – we’ve issued our ONE MILLIONTH BADGE! More on our one millionth badge earners later in this article. IBM’s award-winning digital badge program was launched two and a half years ago with the simple goal of driving interest and increased engagement in training and development activities […]

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19 January 2017

iTMS Issuing IBM Open Badges across Greater China Group (GCG) Countries

IBM’s authorized training provider, iTMS, has officially launched a new digital badging initiative, marking a new milestone in the expansion of IBM’s Open Badge Program across the GCG region. iTMS digital badge offerings are currently available for completion of select IBM Power and z Systems training courses. iTMS plans to expand their digital badge program […]

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29 April 2015

Are you keeping your spear sharp?

By Jim Daniels It’s all too easy for learning and development needs to suffer given today’s do-more-with-less culture and strained corporate budgets. We are under pressure to complete the current assignment while simultaneously trying to embrace the next one. Our continuous need for knowledge suffers in the process. As time goes by, skills suffer, performing […]

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