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IBM issues One Millionth badge

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IBM’s Digital Badge Program has reached a significant milestone – we’ve issued our ONE MILLIONTH BADGE! More on our one millionth badge earners later in this article.

IBM’s award-winning digital badge program was launched two and a half years ago with the simple goal of driving interest and increased engagement in training and development activities through the use of verified digital credentials. We concentrated on skill development for strategic business imperatives such as Analytics, Cloud, Security, Systems and Cognitive, along with other essential skill needs. This was in service of constantly improving how IBM delivers skills into the marketplace, with an eye on improving overall customer satisfaction. We didn’t fully appreciate how significantly this initiative would change the landscape of learning not only for IBM, but also for many other companies who followed IBM’s lead to launch similar programs of their own.

While issuing one million badges, IBM has connected with over 400,000 learners across 195 countries through 1,700 individually badged activities since the launch of the IBM digital badge program in 2016. We are still growing!

  • IBM has created digital badges for learning activities covering every segment of our technology portfolio and continues to add badged learning offerings on a daily basis.
  • A growing number of community colleges and universities are now incorporating IBM badged learning activities into their curricula.
  • IBM digital badges have become essential to badge earners by opening up new opportunities for employment and career advancement.
  • IBM digital badges are a foundational component of IBM’s New Collar

This brings us back to the big question – who are IBM’s one millionth badge earners? Look at their profile here below.

Meet IBM’s One Millionth Badge Earners

Glen Brumbaugh – TxMQ, Annapolis, Maryland, USA


Mr. Brumbaugh is a Senior Executive Consultant with IBM Premier Business Partner TxMQ, and is also a distinguished member of the IBM Champion program for 2018. Mr. Brumbaugh responded by saying “The courses behind these badges have been instrumental in both accelerating and broadening my understanding of all of the changes that make up our new Cloud environments. The badges are both demonstrable and verifiable proof of those educational investments. They have already been noticed and remarked upon by colleagues and clients and have provided increased validity and influence throughout my consulting efforts.

Shiori Kurobane – IBM, Nagoya, Japan

Kurobane-san is an IT Engineer within IBM Japan’s Global Technology Services with specialization in management and operations of client IT hardware, software, communications and application solutions.

Upon the news of sharing the one millionth badge distinction, Kurobane-san responded by saying “IBM Digital Badges are a great motivator for learning. I earned the Government Industry Foundations Badge to become more knowledge about the client I’m supporting. This provided me with additional insights and knowledge to help identify valuable solution enhancements for my client.”

IBM congratulates both of our one millionth badge earners!

Although the opportunity to be the IBM one millionth badge earner has come and gone, it’s never too late to engage with one of hundreds of available IBM badged learning activities to help increase your skills. Visit either of the resources below to search through our vast catalog of learning activities and badges you can earn right now.                                                             

Learn, Earn, and Share your IBM badge today!

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