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The Critical Need for Mainframe Skills

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Who uses mainframes? If you ever used an automated teller machine (ATM) to interact with your bank account, you used a mainframe. If you have traveled by air, you used a mainframe. If you filed a tax return, made a retail purchase or filed an insurance claim, you used a mainframe.

Mainframe computers play a central role in the daily operations of most of the world’s largest corporations. While other forms of computing are used extensively in business in various capacities, the mainframe occupies a coveted place in today’s e-business environment. In banking, finance, health care, insurance, utilities, government, and a multitude of other public and private enterprises, the mainframe computer continues to be the foundation of modern business. With mainframe technology so prevalent in our lives, there is a very real and critical need to attract and educate new mainframe talent.

IBM Business Partner and Authorized Digital Badge Issuer Interskill Learning plays an essential role in modern efforts to attract and develop the next generation of mainframe talent needed to support the critical services that depend on IBM Z technology. IBM Systems Technical University recently partnered with Interskill Learning as part of an effort to extend Interskill’s IBM Z learning offerings to IBM TechU conference attendees.

Heather Allen of IBM interviewed Darren Surch, COO of Interskill Learning, during the recent TechU conference held in Las Vegas to discuss Interskill Learning’s approach to digital delivery and digital credentialing for IBM Z education. Darren provides excellent insight around the value of IBM Z digital learning along with how digital badges help attract and engage students along with recognizing their learning outcomes. Watch the video to learn more about how Interskill Learning is addressing the critical mainframe skills need for current and developing practitioners.


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