Ramit Gupta

Have you OUTGROWN your operating model?

Have you had the feeling that why do I take a couple of months to launch a new scheme, when my competitor reacts much faster? We are always too busy and key initiatives take very long to complete? We always have need for further hiring whereas, intuitively I feel that I already have a large […]

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CSx – Manage Complexity in Sales & Marketing

Senior executives in Sales and Marketing departments are in unenviable roles. They need to respond to new emerging Competition (both from within and outside the industry) and Consumers’ evolving preference of channels (from physical stores to omnichannel experience to Digital Marketplaces like Amazon or Flipkart). To add to the challenge, new products, pack sizes and […]

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The Voice of Digital; Shake or get shaken

Blog on Digital Strategy The Voice of Digital; Shake or get shaken The pace of change in the industry is accelerating. Markets have evolved from a state of organizational centricity, in which manufacturers and service providers largely defined what to produce and market to customers, to one of individual centricity, in which empowered consumers demand insight-driven, […]

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