Girija Shankar

Transforming Indian Banking with Digital Products

At US $1.5 trillion, Indian banking industry is the backbone of our economy serving consumers, SMEs and large corporations alike. While the industry has been in news over Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) and governance issues, the primary challenge for the industry insiders remains sustainable and profitable growth.  100 banks and counting Particularly on the consumer side […]

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Cognitive Automation 101

What is Cognitive Automation   Automation is a fast maturing field even as different organizations are using automation in diverse manner at varied stages of maturity. At the most nascent stage, some enterprises are still using Desktop scripts or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and deriving value from those while the more mature organizations have moved […]

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Doubling Farmer Income “Digitally”

What is one economic activity in India that’s larger than any other in terms of size, people or impact? Of course, it is indeed Agriculture!   Not only agriculture contributes with 17% of India’s GDP, it provides livelihood for 50% of our population and constitutes about 400B US$ of economic value. And while industries ranging […]

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