September 11, 2020 By Priya Krishnan 2 min read

IBM® Watson® Studio is named a “Leader” in “The Forrester Wave™ Multimodal Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Q3 2020″ report. In Forrester’s 26-criterion evaluation of multimodal predictive analytics and machine learning (PAML) providers, Forrester identified the 11 most significant ones. Watson Studio received the highest score in the data criteria and the highest scores possible in the model evaluation and platform infrastructure criteria.  IBM’s scores in the strategy, solution road map, and ability to execute criteria contributed to the company being positioned into the Leaders space with among the highest scores of all evaluated vendors in these criteria.

What do the PAML solutions entail? For enterprises serious about AI, implementing the right PAML solutions will be among the most important decisions they make. That’s because AI is fundamentally composed of machine learning (ML) models, and the pace at which data science teams can build and deploy them directly correlates to the nuggets and then the motherlode of intelligence that models can infuse within business processes and customer engagement applications.

According to the Forrester report, “The crown jewel of Cloud Pak for Data is Watson Studio, a PAML offering that combines easy-to-use, SPSS-inspired workflow capabilities with open source ML libraries and notebook-based interfaces. IBM continues to add innovations from IBM Research like fairness monitoring, bias mitigation, AutoML, and federated learning.” IBM Cloud Pak® for Data is a unified data and AI platform that collects, organizes and analyzes data to help companies infuse AI across organization.

We remain focused on our client success and look forward to incorporating the market requirements to advance our leadership in data science and AI.

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To learn how data science can help your business run with resiliency, agility and speed, watch our webinar: DevOps for AI: Why, what and how.

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The Forrester Wave™ is copyrighted by Forrester Research, Inc. Forrester and Forrester Wave are trademarks of Forrester Research, Inc. The Forrester Wave is a graphical representation of Forrester’s call on a market and is plotted using a detailed spreadsheet with exposed scores, weightings, and comments. Forrester does not endorse any vendor, product, or service depicted in the Forrester Wave. Information is based on best available resources. Opinions reflect judgment at the time and are subject to change.

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