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Solve detailed scheduling problems using CP Optimizer

IBM ILOG® CP Optimizer is a necessary and important complement to the optimization specialists' toolbox for solving real-world operational planning and scheduling problems. CP Optimizer contains a robust optimizer that handles the side constraints that are invariably found in such challenges. For pure academic problems (for example, job-shop, open-shop and flow-shop), it finds solutions that are comparable to solutions found by state-of-the-art, specialized algorithms.

Certain combinatorial optimization problems cannot be easily linearized and solved with traditional mathematical programming methods. To handle these problems, ILOG CP Optimizer provides a large set of arithmetic and logical constraints, as well as a robust optimizer that brings all the benefits of a model-and-run development process to combinatorial optimization.


Detailed scheduling problems

  • Use modeling features specialized to scheduling like intervals (for activities) and cumul functions (for resources)
  • Support business goals by optimizing earliness and tardiness costs, duration costs and non-execution costs
  • Model the work breakdown structure of the schedule and task dependencies as well as multiple production modes
  • Model finite capacity resources and reservoirs
  • Model setup times to compute schedules that define the best possible sizes for batches

Combinatorial optimization problems

  • Use specialized constraints such as all-different, pack, lexicographic, count and distribute for business problems such as facility location, routing and configuration
  • Model with logical constraints as well as a full range of arithmetic expressions, including modulo, integer division, minimum, maximum or an expression, which indexes an array of values by a decision variable
  • Model with discrete decision variables (boolean or integer)


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