Personalize the omnichannel experience to build loyalty

Get the real-time customer and business insight you need to deliver seamless and consistent omnichannel experiences with contextually relevant content, marketing and promotions.

Carhartt optimizes merchandising and marketing processes

If one of the world’s best-known celebrities wears your brand, sales can skyrocket — but only if you move fast to make that product easy to find.

Key features

Customized omnichannel experience

Take control and customize your omnichannel experience
Break-away from a standard, templated approach to make it easier, faster and cheaper for you to design, customize and manage the brand experience

API-first, headless commerce platform

Build commerce anywhere experiences
Leverage an API-first, headless commerce platform to execute any customer experience creation strategy

AI-automated tasks and recommendations

Use AI to be more efficient
Let AI automate tasks and make recommendations to simplify marketing, merchandising and daily operations

AI-powered innovation

Minimize risk and security concerns
Focus on the things that matter most, like your customers and continuously innovating on the customer experience

Analysts recognize IBM as a leader in omnichannel experience

How do best-in-class commerce firms get ahead and stay there?

Getting ahead of competitors requires establishing and executing the right strategies and capabilities to drive competitive gains.

Three approaches to digital commerce technology

Understand your business challenges and choose a digital commerce architecture that provides an optimal customer experience.

How do e-commerce pros avoid losing digital shoppers?

See how omnichannel services continue to change the offers that retailers provide and the ways consumers buy.

IBM customers use omnichannel experience to create seamless journeys

Yoox Net-A-Porter creates a seamless shopping experience

Allows customers to order wherever, whenever, on any device, and then pick up or receive their orders at a place and time that suits them.

Elesa helps customers find what they need and place orders fast

Attracts new business and drives growth by augmenting its worldwide B2B channels with an e-commerce platform that enables visitors to find and order the products they need faster than ever.

Explore omnichannel experience products

IBM Digital Commerce

Get the best of both worlds — a flexible SaaS commerce platform that combines convenience, ease of use and low cost of ownership, with the ability to customize the brand experience.

IBM Watson Commerce Insights

Get e-commerce analytics that deliver curated, personalized insights, and recommended business actions to merchandisers and commerce professionals.

IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

Visualize customer journeys, replay sessions and get the insights you need to create frictionless customer experiences.

IBM WebSphere Commerce

Delivers the tools and customer insights needed to innovate rapidly and keep up with your customers and markets.

AI is transforming the omnichannel experience

Three winning strategies in the era of commerce disruption

If you’re having a harder time turning browsers into buyers and hitting your targets in this complex commerce environment, you’re not alone.

How can AI help your digital commerce?

AI-powered insights enable you to create meaningful relationships with both new and existing customers.

Retailers turn to the cloud to compete

The right cloud solution can level the playing field for retailers in their struggle to remain relevant. Learn how to take back market share from online giants.

How can IBM help your omnichannel experience strategy?