Artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies are transforming procurement

Cognitive technology for a transparent, intelligent and predictive supply chain

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Will your supply chain be ready to respond to opportunities and mitigate risks as they arise? With the cognitive learning capabilities of Watson, you get an embedded expert at your side offering advice and recommendations so you can take quick action. Illuminate risks and opportunities to help your team get ahead of problems.

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Changes in today's business models created by digital business are putting enormous pressure on your supply chain. Improving visibility into your data and processes can help you predict and mitigate the disruptions and risks that threaten your competitive advantage. The cognitive learning power of Watson Supply Chain solutions helps your organization speed and improve day-to-day decisions and actions.

Cognitive technology for a transparent, intelligent and predictive supply chain

Supply chain insights

Supply chain professionals that use cognitive technology to illuminate potential problems can make better decisions that help avoid the added costs and impacts of disruptions.

Supply chain business network

Improve communication and data exchange with suppliers and use cognitive insights to drive smarter decisions so you can reduce exceptions and deliver the goods.

Order management

Deliver the perfect order every time with intelligent fulfillment. By streamlining the order management process, using a single view of orders and inventory across the entire fulfillment network, customers can order and receive from any channel, get a committed fulfillment promise and track the order status.

Discover the cognitive capabilities of Watson Supply Chain

Greater visibility

What if your system could predict disruptions in your supply chain?

Network relationships

What if you could easily spot disruptions in your supply chain before they happen?

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Learn how the second largest worldwide military distributor of food and related products scaled EDI transaction processing.

Orders and invoices are our lifeline, and happy customers lead to additional business.

— Jim Sloane, CIO, Mannington Mills

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