Realize the opportunity

As a healthcare IT leader, you know how dramatically the healthcare ecosystem has changed over the last decade. And this rapid change is far from over. IBM B2B Integration enables you to handle the increasing volumes of US healthcare messaging, better deliver compliance with mandates and standards such as HIPAA, and break down data silos to provide a customer centric view of data.

In today’s environment, it is critical for stakeholders to understand their role in the changing healthcare ecosystem and to develop a multi-tiered, data-driven, and consumer-focused strategy that can be scaled to ultimately drive more value and sustainability.

—The Consumer-Driven Mobile-First Healthcare of Tomorrow, WEDI, August 2015

Reap the benefits of IBM B2B Integration


Meet demand for increasing claims processing volumes


Validate compliance across complete ASC X12N HIPAA standards


Deployable within key IBM and third-party infrastructures


Authenticate your B2B exchanges and encrypt your data

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