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Adding Watson's cognitive learning to everyday marketing tasks can be a game changer. When you unleash the power of Watson, you deepen customer connections, grow brand value and fuel strategic growth. Illuminating new insights from data that others can't even see helps every campaign become stronger and more successful. For all your customers. Across every channel.

Find out about the cognitive power of Watson Marketing

All too often, the answers you need to make better decisions are hiding in a very deep ocean of data. Watson-powered solutions help you tap into his extraordinary capabilities to learn, understand and advise. Watson can help you deliver harder working, better performing campaigns.

Campaign automation

This exciting capability gives you the power to mid-course correct campaigns based on changing customer response or redefined business goals. Watson can help you make proactive changes to get campaigns back on track while they're in progress.

Marketing insights

Now you can identify and target the right audiences without going to a data analyst. The cognitive power of Watson helps you understand individual customer behaviors so you can create the ideal combination of interactions that drive conversion and build loyalty.

Real-time personalization

The cognitive learning power of Watson helps you identify best offers and content at scale to improve personalized experiences. Proactively test and recommend rules on the fly to avoid campaign performance delays or setbacks.

Discover the cognitive capabilities of Watson Marketing

At what point will all your marketing efforts finally meet your intentions?

Discover the cognitive capabilities of Watson Marketing

What if you could personalize your website for each and every visitor in real time?

Discover the cognitive capabilities of Watson Marketing

What if you could stay one step ahead of your customers?

Discover the cognitive capabilities of Watson Marketing

What if the weather automatically kicked off personalized customer interactions?

Discover the cognitive capabilities of Watson Marketing

What if you always had the exact content you needed right at your fingertips?

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Learn how 1-800-GOT-JUNK maximizes digital marketing capabilities to find new ways to communicate with customers and prospects to improve revenue.

Knowing where each person is on their transaction journey creates opportunities to transform one-off engagements into life-long relationships.

— Stephen Ingledew, CMO, Standard Life

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