The IBM® Explorys Platform enables healthcare systems to collect, link and combine data from hundreds of disparate sources across their enterprise and clinically integrated networks. These data sources span the major types including clinical, claims, billing, accounting, device, community and patient-derived.

IBM Explorys Platform key features

Data management superstructure provides speed, scalability and security – plus a series of healthcare-specific source connectors and engines that produce actionable information from big data.

  • The flexible IBM Explorys Data Lake model holds a vast amount of raw data in its native format, and can be queried when the data is needed. Each data element is assigned a unique identifier and tagged with a set of metadata tags.
  • The platform uses an open approach to managing data through editable configuration files.
  • IBM Explorys xDL is a simple XML-based scripting language for configuring and programming our data management engines using any off-the-shelf text editor.

Library of ready-to-use content, programs and apps includes risk models, contract analytics, population assessments and much more.

  • Also contains standardized pay-for-performance measures, registries, engagement templates and reports.
  • Provides ready-to-use apps that can be run stand-alone or within existing health IT systems, such as electronic health record systems.

Benchmark network of de-identified data from leading healthcare systems that facilitates better collaboration to uncover new and better models for care delivery and quality.

  • Provides uniquely powerful benchmarks and comparative insights into treatment models and their outcomes.
  • Offers insight into quality, cost efficiency, risk and optimized outcomes.


IBM Explorys Platform solution brief

Learn how the IBM Explorys Platform enables you to collect, link and combine data from hundreds of disparate sources inside and outside of your organization necessary to analyze and manage quality, cost, risk and outcomes across partners delivering healthcare.

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Mercy Health case study

Premier healthcare provider in Ohio uses IBM Explorys Platform to identify and prioritize high-risk, high-cost patients.

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Data Infrastructure for Managing Population Health

Discover flexible, scalable, long-term solutions to support population health goals and adapt to on-going needs.

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