The expansive IBM® Explorys Network enables member collaboration and collective intelligence to promote newer and better models for care delivery and quality.

The network also promotes extensive collaboration among healthcare providers, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device innovators.

It helps to enhance the safety and effectiveness of new and existing treatments, optimize effective study protocol design and identify unmet needs for better real-world, evidence-based research and treatment development.

IBM Explorys Network key features

A security-rich network that has been selected by some of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations.

  • Maintains more than 100 million patient records in a security-rich environment.
  • Supports the organizational privacy issues of its various participants.
  • Enables organizations to learn from their peers who face similar challenges by using the combined de-identified data across the IBM Explorys Network.

Extended visibility beyond the walls of your organization.

  • Lead studies at a scale that is not typically achievable by only using your organization’s data.
  • Track key performance indicators to monitor, assess and improve performance by drawing comparisons with the other participating systems.
  • Benefit from having access to large-scale numbers for research - an organization with 250,000 patients in their system can answer many more questions and at a much deeper level when they are able to look at 50 million patients.


IBM Explorys Network solution brief

Discover how to unlock the power of big data beyond the walls of your organization.

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IBM Explorys Platform solution brief

Learn how the IBM Explorys Platform enables you to collect, link and combine data from hundreds of disparate sources inside and outside of your organization necessary to analyze and manage quality, cost, risk and outcomes across partners delivering healthcare.

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