Through research and innovation, leaders and advocates in the life sciences industry work every day to help people lead healthier lives.

Whether advancing new drug therapies, improving the safety of medicines for patients or bringing innovative medical devices to market, these heroes are transforming the way forward.

Facing an ever increasing avalanche of data and complexity, life science organizations need faster, better, well curated information to pinpoint their focus and speed discovery and time to market of safe and effective therapies. To help them to achieve this, Watson Health provides:

  • Comprehensive solutions that span a drug’s lifecycle—from accelerating discovery to transforming clinical development; and from understanding market insights to effectively communicating real-world clinical value.
  • Advanced cognitive technologies and data curation to facilitate the discovery of new opportunities previously hidden in disconnected data.
  • Decades of knowledge and expertise in healthcare, life sciences, and healthcare IT, thereby delivering the global capacity, scale, trust, and commitment that only IBM can offer.

Watson Health solutions

Watson for Drug Discovery

Accelerate the drug discovery process by helping researchers uncover patterns and signals hidden in data to make non-obvious and orthogonal connections. Watson for Drug Discovery provides the ability to generate new insights at a speed beyond human capability and create potential for reduced time to market.

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Watson Platform for Health

Watson Platform for Health GxP The industry’s first HIPAA and GxP enabled health data platform as a service, that life sciences companies can use to build innovative digital health applications, harnessing the power of cognitive, IoT and Big Data.

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IBM Clinical Development

Complete studies more efficiently and bring needed products to patients sooner with an all-in-one, cloud-based data management platform that lets you design and manage clinical trials with more control, convenience and confidence than ever before.

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IBM Real World Evidence

Improve critical business decision making using a solution that lets researchers explore, visualize, analyze and share real world outcomes; from accelerating market access processes to achieving better reimbursement rates to fueling R&D and determining how therapies are performing in real world clinical practice.

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Life sciences research and value communication solutions

Gather critical market insights from the real world of clinical practice to make confident commercialization decisions, develop the solid scientific evidence needed to demonstrate product value to external decision-makers, and engage with the right key stakeholders to maximize commercial success.

Watson Health Consulting Services

Watson Health consulting is an innovative new consulting offering centered on Watson Health solutions. Watson Health Consulting will help clients develop new strategies and solutions, seamlessly implement these strategies into their broader environments, all to ensure our clients realize the full benefits of our offerings.

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CTMS for Sites

CTMS for Sites is a comprehensive clinical trial management system that streamlines the study management process and helps organize and centralize clinical research. CTMS for Sites provides research professionals with a robust set of tools to track key study data and enhance efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

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