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Changing disruptions into lasting improvements

Healthcare is facing reform, and the industry has complex needs. Challenges like new payment models and detailed data reporting requirements are disruptive, and organizations consistently have to demonstrate performance improvement in a constantly changing environment. Our proprietary methodology, the Simpler Business System® (SBS), helps enterprises deliver faster results and lasting improvements, helping provide the impetus for continuous improvements across your operations.


Provide the strategic guidance necessary to ensure the enterprise transformation is aligned with the future direction of the organization.

Operational Excellence

Work with the core clinical and business processes to convert a vertical, silo-based business model to a horizontal, patient-centered business model.

Revenue Cycle

Optimize revenue cycle management by implementing a solid methodology for process improvement that identifies waste, and eliminates redundancies, defects and rework.

Integrated Facility Design

Build, redesign or remodel a facility optimizing all the flows within a healthcare system—and do it at the appropriate cost while prioritizing safety, quality and reliability.

Supply Chain

Bring unique insights to the supply chain community to reduce costs, improve outcomes and increase value across the supply chain enterprise.


Provide a rapid and disruptive design approach to manage population health, develop a new care model or service line.

Physician Burnout

Mitigate stress and workload to improve clinician satisfaction engagement and optimize patient care.

Human Resource Development

Position HR and OD as agents of change, enabling a new culture and supporting sustainable enterprise transformation.

Making breakthrough results a reality

Simpler facilitates breakthrough results using data-driven enterprise transformation. How do we do this? Through Simpler’s engagement model:

Vision and strategy

Develop Lean leaders, effectively deploy strategic initiatives and drive culture change

Value stream improvement

Create standard work, continuous improvement and deliver value to the patient

Daily improvement

Deliver time-based performance and support best practices

Architecture and infrastructure

Build the management system

Simpler’s core principles


Respect people involved and the goal of continuous improvement

Sustained value

Goals aren’t designed as narrow, short-term fixes—but on achieving long-term success

Eliminating waste

Process improvement focused on eliminating waste and delivering only value-added services

Knowledge transfer

SBS becomes the client's management system that sustains improvements

Leadership and staff buy-in

True improvement only happens when embraced at all levels

Our approach has enabled us to achieve USD 3.7 billion in client-verified savings and an average client return-on-investment of 10:1

American Hospital Association (AHA) spotlights client St. Charles Health System

AHA details how the health system partnered with Simpler to transform their Board and change the culture of their organization by embracing Lean principles.

Experience a Lean environment

Our case studies demonstrate what a difference a Lean implementation can make, but there’s nothing like actually being a part of that working environment. Observe first-hand how different organizations utilize this powerful management system to achieve success.

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