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What is IBM Micromedex?

For more than 45 years, Micromedex has been one of the largest online reference databases about drug information, toxicology, diseases, acute care and alternative medicine. Delivered through a web portal with IP recognition, the comprehensive resource provides healthcare professionals with clinical decision support for informed treatment decisions. Micromedex facilitates decision making in the areas of drug information, disease and condition management, toxicology and alternative medicine. It even addresses specific questions, such as IV compatibility.

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Micromedex evidence-based information contains:  

  • Drug dosing and medication management for all FDA-approved medications and select drugs approved by EMA and Health Canada  
  • Detailed information about drug interactions and IV compatibility  
  • Treatment protocols and checklists for acute and chronic disease management  
  • Lab information to help choose appropriate tests and interpret results


  • Alternative medicine information on herbal and alternative therapies  
  • Neonatal and Pediatric drug information for age-and indication-specific considerations  
  • Detailed protocols for toxicology and exposure management

IBM Micromedex with Watson

Since the mid-1970s, Micromedex has been considered an industry standard for clinical decision support. Micromedex has been a pioneer in distributing medical and clinical drug information, whether through microfiche, CD-ROMs, standalone PCs, mainframes, intranets or the internet.

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Micromedex’s most recent iteration, IBM Micromedex with Watson combines the artificial intelligence (AI) of IBM Watson with the evidence-based clinical decision support of IBM Micromedex. It can help accelerate access to information by bypassing the keyword-based search process in favor of a search box that accepts natural language queries.

IBM Micromedex with Watson can answer drug reference questions from specific content within Micromedex, including:

  • Quick answers for drug classes
  • FDA-approved and off-label indications
  • Dosing and administration
  • IV compatibility
  • Medication safety
  • Mechanism of action
  • Pharmacokinetics and drug interactions

Why Micromedex is important

Micromedex is used to help support safe and effective drug therapy decisions at the point of care. Micromedex can also:

  • Help reduce medication errors and improve patient outcomes
  • Provide evidence ratings and recommendations, supporting clinical decision-making
  • Guide off-label use decisions supported by complete, cited evidence
  • Support Patient Safety initiatives and Joint Commission compliance
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Clear and actionable evidence

The Micromedex NICE-accredited editorial processes ensure quality and consistency. Professional editorial staff continually evaluate the world’s biomedical literature and regulatory actions, ensuring that Micromedex contains the most clinically accurate, relevant, and consistent drug reference information available.


Beyond drug summaries and package insert data to deliver full evidence

Micromedex provides in-depth coverage of on- and off-label drug use, mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics, adverse drug effects, relevant clinical trial results, therapeutic use and comparative data.

Evidence and efficacy ratings

Strength of evidence and efficacy ratings help guide clinical decision-making, whether evaluating a more common drug therapy option or drug therapy options for a rare disease or condition.


Access anytime, anywhere

Micromedex mobile apps are available for Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad and Android® phones and tablets.

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Policies & transparency

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DrugDex Compendium Tracking

Compendia Uses Policy

Micromedex drug information apps

I have an Internet-based subscription to IBM Micromedex

  • IBM Micromedex Free Drug Reference
  • Cost: Free with a password

I do not have an Internet-based subscription to IBM Micromedex

  • IBM Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials
  • Cost: USD 2.99 per year

How do I know if I have an Internet-based subscription to IBM Micromedex or am a "subscriber"?

If you work at - or are a student at - a facility or organization that has purchased an online subscription to IBM Micromedex (clinical decision support tools and resources), then you are considered a "subscriber" and are entitled to exclusive access to the free version of the app, with all the same content and functionality you rely on from Micromedex. 

If you don't work for an organization that has a subscription to Internet-based IBM Micromedex you can still access the same reliable IBM Micromedex drug information content by downloading IBM Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials, available now in iTunes. It's a great option for those who don't have access to an Internet-based subscription to IBM Micromedex, but still want on-the-go access to the industry's most trusted drug information.

Available apps for download

Free IBM Micromedex Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers

This app is free exclusively to Micromedex online subscribers, and delivers actionable recommendations beyond the package insert to find off-label indications, dosing recommendations, therapeutic class, administration, monitoring, toxicology, clinical teaching, and much more.

IBM Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials

This app delivers actionable recommendations beyond the package insert to find off-label indications, dosing recommendations, therapeutic class, administration, monitoring, toxicology, clinical teaching, and much more.

Drug Interactions

This app gives you the full treatment picture including prevention and management of clinical manifestations, the probability of an interaction, and the potential timeframe — all backed by documentation ratings that provide insight into the level of evidence supporting each recommendation.

IV Compatibility

This app provides access to drug-solution and drug-drug compatibility results, including contributing factors such as the physical compatibility, storage, study period, container, and chemical stability.

Pediatric Essentials

Unlike other resources, IBM Watson Health Pediatric Essentials empowers you with comprehensive, pediatric-specific, evidence-based information required to treat this complex population. This mobile app provides reliable access to the details you need to confidently make accurate and informed treatment decisions at the point of care.

Neofax Essentials

NeoFax Essentials incorporates evidence-based information beyond the FDA-approved indications. At the point of care, you will have access to comprehensive, neonatal-specific, evidence-based information required to treat this complex population.

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