What it can do for your business

IBM has a unique partnership with Palo Alto Networks. It allows IBM Technology Support Services to provide extensive coverage for your Palo Alto Networks products and other technology equipment. It is imperative to keep your Palo Alto Networks platform up and running for preventive security in your enterprise environment, but it can be challenging to pinpoint the source of performance problems in a multivendor network environment. IBM Technology Support Services for Palo Alto Networks products acts as a one-stop shop to ensure your enterprise continually has the network security, visibility and granular control of all network activity.

Comprehensive approach

The IBM support team can manage multiple devices from multiple providers, including Palo Alto Networks, to optimize maintenance and performance across your systems and network.

Decades of experience

IBM has extensive expertise as a manufacturer of hardware and a provider of multivendor support for over three decades to provide a comprehensive approach.

Solutions for your problems

Having a single point of contact helps to improve systems availability through problem-source identification and resolution.

Global reach

IBM provides around-the-clock capabilities through our global network of IBM Client Innovation Centers and 19,000 service professionals.

Five reasons to purchase IBM support for Palo Alto products

  • A strong partnership with IBM and Palo Alto Networks
  • Single point of contact
  • Support configured to your needs
  • Expert service delivery
  • Innovative technologies for faster, better response