What it can do for your business

IBM Watson Marketing Insights provides cognitive recommendations designed to help marketers understand and anticipate customer behaviors. It recommends prioritized target audiences based on key predictors, or lets you explore your own, creating segments based on a rich profile of customer data compiled from multiple sources utilizing complex and robust queries. You can export the resulting target audience lists to any requesting application across channels in just a few clicks. Use the visual interface to construct the most impactful audience for your campaign strategies, becoming more relevant to your customers and the customer journey.

Gain cognitive audiences

Dynamic, cognitive audience generation allows you to stay in tune with your business and keep a finger on the pulse of your customers, enabling you to be pro-active and customer centric.

Designed for the marketer

The analytics has been pre-built, and the visual, interactive interface allows you to explore customer insights and behaviors with no technical skills required.

Connect seamlessly to campaign execution

Pre-integration with IBM Watson Campaign Automation allows you to push your target audiences straight into your campaign process, while you can export to other campaign systems through UBX.

Key features

  • Rich, prebuilt analytics
  • Recommended target audiences
  • Custom audience builder based on cognitive insights
  • One-click export to marketing automation tool
  • Automated data and model refresh

Product screenshots

Pre-packaged customer analytics
Pre-packaged customer analytics
Visual, interactive interface
Visual, interactive interface
Target lists exported
Target lists exported

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