Intermodal - Meeting the Intermodal Challenge

The modern day city is traversed via many forms of transport, often all governed and managed by the same organisation, but split into multiple operational groups and therefore multiple asset management solutions. The EAMS Group Intermodal solution covers all forms of transport from Heavy and Light Rail, Highways and Buses to Hire Cycles, Trams & Ferries. The solution allows you to reap the advantages of economies of scale as well as leverage common skills sets geographically. Furthermore, from an operations perspective you can truly understand the impact of one transport system being disrupted and its effect on the rest of the network.

Time to value

An implementation time of months, rather than years. This means your business will feel the effects of the solution immediately

Project guarantee

With the proper methodologies and processes in place, a sure thing does exist. Our portfolio of previous projects shows a proud history of successful implementations

Maximise your ROI

Along with a quick Return on Investment, EAMS Group will maximise your ROI. Previous projects that we have run are seen as the pinnacle of how to operate a transport system

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