Give every API the protection it deserves

No two APIs are the same. Each API serves a specific functionality, reflected in the business logic that guides it. This is also where general-purpose application security solutions fall short: they focus on complex policies rather than enabling APIs to meet their business purpose. By applying an NLP-based technology, Imvision’s Anomaly Management Platform (AMP) is able to analyze the unique dialogue for every API, understand the application’s behavior, and model complex relations within the data. This enables to detect and prevent breaches, by identifying anomalous behaviors and breaks at the application’s business logic level.

Protect your brand and bottom line

Detect and prevent API attacks and breaches early on to minimize impact

Minimize business interruptions

Achieve minuscule false-positive rates through advanced NLP technology

Reduce deployment friction

Deploy without any API documentation needed, learning automatically from actual API calls

Eliminate blind spots

Protect your APIs all around - in development, staging, and production environments

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Imvision API Security Platform

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Imvision API Security Platform