Simplifies complex case workflow and empowers case workers

IBM Case Manager is a platform that simplifies designing and deploying customized case management solutions that enhance your capacity to resolve complex cases by providing persistent access to information, workflow, tasks, and analytics. Case Manager empowers your case workers to make complex, real-time decisions based on constantly changing information with an interface that delivers a seamless and consistent experience quickly and anywhere. Case Manager discovers hard to find correlations and critical insights buried in silos of unstructured data. Integration with third party cloud applications provide a superior ability to collaborate.

Transforms the case management process

Enhances the case resolution process by providing access to case content, task workflow, collaborative tools and content analytics to make informed decisions while in the lab or out in the field.

Offers seamless user experience

Delivers a consistent user experience across platforms while providing the capability to tailor case management workflow for specific roles and business groups within your organization.

Facilitates informed decision making

Uses powerful analytics to identify next best actions to resolve cases effectively and fast. Uncovers key insights and links related content buried in large volumes of siloed unstructured data.

Provides a shared services platform

Build, deploy and share solutions across your enterprise. Reuse templates composed of case management elements and other preset configurations to accelerate deployment and shorten your time-to-value.

Improves customer service

Lowers traditional barriers to timely, client engagement by providing your case workers with persistent access to key information and analytics to help resolve cases fast and more efficiently.

Six compelling reasons to use IBM Case Manager

  • Speed deployment with an agile design and reusable elements
  • Generate new insights using content analytics
  • Deliver a consistent, seamless user experience
  • Streamline information lifecycle governance