What it can do for your business

IBM Application Security on Cloud helps secure your organization's Web and mobile applications, by detecting dozens of today's most pervasive published security vulnerabilities. As such, it helps to eliminate vulnerabilities from applications before they are placed into production and deployed. Convenient, detailed reporting permits you to effectively address vulnerabilities that are found, enabling application users to benefit from a more secure experience.

Identify vulnerabilities

Scans mobile applications at the appropriate stage of your development lifecycle.

Prioritize based on business

Identifies security vulnerabilities to malware and other security threats, permitting you to focus on vulnerabilities that are most likely to have a significant impact on your organization.

Built in recommendations

Delivers a detailed report that provides an executive summary, isolates critical issues and offers recommendations for remediation.

Essential information

    IBM Application Security Analyzer was previously known as IBM Security AppScan Mobile Analyzer and IBM Security AppScan Dynamic Analyzer.

    System requirements

    IBM Application Security Analyzer is delivered on IBM's Cloud infrastructure, so there are no specialized system requirements on your part.

    Which option is right for you?

    • Standard Plan

      Purchased scans can be executed in conjunction with detailed vulnerability reporting, at a predictable cost.

    • Professional Plan

      Purchased applications can be scanned in parallel with detailed vulnerability reporting, at a predictable cost.

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