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BondChain is subscription to a reference implementatio of Bond Issuance and Trading Marketplace. Subscription features a purpose-built production-grade layer consisting of Fabric + Smart Contracts + APIs + CI/CD designed to fit future production-grade implementations. Key features include peer-reviewed, proven design, performance guarantees, recurring security audit, and templates for  compliance with KYC, AML and PCI regulations.

Purpose-built production layer

Fabric + Smart Contracts + APIs + CI/CD designed to fit future production-grade implementations. Integrate with your own UI (Java, .Net, Node.JS), databases (Oracle, DB2, MS SQL), and ERP (SAP).

Peer-reviewed, proven design

This reference implementation has been designed with the input and peer-review by engineering, security and business teams across banks, insurance companies and FinTech startups. 

Performance Guarantee

Quarterly benchmark of performance of the reference deployment via automated benchmarking harness for multi-node, multi-region deployments.

Security Audit

Security audit is no easy feat even for a superstar team. Security Advisory Specification, and monthly updates from our engineering team will guide your team through internal or external audits.

Compliance (KYC, AML, PCI)

Subscription comes with a template for compliance with KYC, AML, PCI, MSRB, Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002, The Regulated Covered Bonds Regulations 2008 (UK), and the European Covered Bond Council.

Essential information

  • Member Services, Role-based Permissions: Select roles, set permissions upon beta launch, expand as you move to production. Roles available - Organizer/Admin*, Issuer*, Investor*, Intermediary, Market-maker, Regulator/Auditor* (* - required)
  • API-programmable financial instruments: Terms of the bond contract are codified in a smart contract, making financial instruments truly programmable, available through an API, and through web and mobile applications.
  • Automation of Market Discovery, Payments: Issuer and Investor discover each other directly on the blockchain. Coupon payments, payment of principal/maturity events are triggered by the terms defined in the smart contract.
  • Confidential Transactions: Financial agreements can be decrypted and executed only by its counterparties. Other members support order and persistence but cannot see confidential data.
BondChain is subscription to a reference implementation, ongoing updates & support of smart contracts, APIs & CI/CD pipeline, security/compliance templates.

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Bond Issuance on Hyperledger Blockchain

Provided by Altoros

Bond Issuance on Hyperledger Blockchain