Why Smarter Hospitals are the future

How are hospitals, enabled by digital capability, playing new roles within the integrated care system?

A blueprint for Smarter Hospital design

Access a proven and repeatable model to deliver on the Smarter Hospital vision, with practical advice and guidance.

Personal, participative and integrated care

How can we rethink and reimagine health and care, guided by the insights drawn from data?

Healthcare solutions

Cloud for healthcare

Unlock the full potential of cloud to free up your organisation to innovate, reduce risk and costs.

Health system security and resiliency

Help detect and respond appropriately to accelerating threats with robust cybersecurity.

The power of data and AI

Accelerate your journey to AI to unleash the value of data for smarter healthcare.

Watson Health for clinical performance

Improve care experiences with clinical decision support and enterprise imaging.

Smarter life sciences technology

Improve clinical development research and show greater treatment value.

IBM Digital Health Pass

Bring people back to a physical location with a smart, data-driven, secure solution.

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Healthcare case studies

Public Health

Public health data is constantly expanding. Learn how open, hybrid cloud technologies can help scale workloads efficiently, and facilitate innovation.

NHS Digital

Cybersecurity isn’t just an IT concern — it’s also a clinical safety issue. IBM security services are helping improve readiness and resilience for the sake of patient care.

NHS Wales

Healthcare workers and the general public need timely coronavirus advice, which they can now access in English and Welsh with the Watson-powered virtual assistant.

Digital transformation in healthcare: watch the video series

The challenges

Unlocking the full potential of data and AI is a key part of digital transformation in healthcare. This introduction to the  series starts by looking at the challenges.

Data strategy

Healthcare data is high volume, complex and difficult to process. How can we drive insights from broader data sets to really make an impact where it counts?

Trust & transparency

Key design principles to consider are focusing on actionable data, creating patient-centred data that's linked, and built on the principles of trust and transparency.

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