Informix: An ideal enterprise-class database for IoT

The proliferation of IoT data has created unique challenges for database management systems, requiring robust processing and integration capabilities, enterprise-class performance and low total cost of ownership.
IBM® Informix® database server offers a hybrid database system, powerful functionality and high performance with self-managing capabilities. These features make Informix ideal for multi-tiered architectures that require processing at the device level, at gateway layers, and in the cloud. Key features include:
  • Native encryption
  • Support for flexible schema, multiple APIs and configurations
  • Native processing of JSON, time-series, spatial and relational data
  • Minimal administrative requirements and memory footprint

What clients are saying about Informix embedded for IoT

"We were looking for an enterprise-class database that was truly tailored for use in an IoT environment, and IBM Informix fit the bill perfectly.”

Vladimir Peregoncev, CTO, Petrosoft

"The combination of IBM Informix and SmartAxiom’s distributed ledger is almost perfectly designed for IoT use cases.”

Amit Biyani, Founder, SmartAxiom

"Informix EDGE is one of the only database technologies that doesn’t need to run on a powerful server, and it’s optimized for collecting the kind of time-series data that the connected devices produce.”

Dr. Christian Feisst, CEO, GreenCom Networks

" us that time series capability in a very robust and cost-effective platform."

Gordon Gielis, Technical Director, Select Software Solutions