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From pilot to production: Driving ROI with genAI

With new AI pilots popping up left and right, C-suite executives are pouring interest and budgets into AI technology. So, what can companies do to help ensure a return on these large investments? 

Watch this episode of AI Academy and learn how your organization can harness the power of AI-driven solutions at scale to reinvent and transform your business in ways that truly move the needle.

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Watch (9:53)
What you’ll learn
  • How to keep business moving forward while changing how you do business 
  • How scaling genAI drives change by helping creative human minds build and deliver innovative new solutions 
  • How to responsibly create value for your organization by scaling AI in key opportunity areas
Think of AI at scale as a means to break down process silos to unleash human creativity, and to amplify the potential of every person on every team. Matt Candy Global Managing Partner, Generative AI IBM Consulting®
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