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CICS®, IMS, and Db2® are now available to be delivered as a ServerPac in z/OSMF Software Management portable software instance format. The z/OSMF portable software instance format is designed to be deployed using z/OSMF Software Management and ServerPac Workflows. This new offering represents the next step in IBM's collaboration with other leading z/OS® platform software vendors to deliver a consistent package format intended to be used with z/OSMF Software Management as a common installer.

Announced! Plans for a z/OS portable software instance and ServerPac ISPF dialog removal

Big Picture: ServerPac Installation using z/OSMF

check that zosmf is installed

Make sure you have z/OSMF installed. You must also have authority to log in and access its resources.

place the order

Visit Shopz and place the order for your CICS, IMS, or Db2 ServerPac.

download the cics serverpac

Download the ServerPac using z/OSMF to your system.

deploy cics

Follow the directions to deploy CICS, IMS, or Db2.

How to get started with ServerPac Installation using z/OSMF

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