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Software Update, an application available on z/OSMF, provides a guided experience for installing corrective, recommended, and functional updates to your system. This capability is available for operating system, subsystem, middleware, and other software products, whether they are supplied by IBM or another vendor. The Software Update application simplifies the traditional PTF installation process by providing a graphical user interface to organize, review, and resolve updates to your software. Using Software Update with z/OSMF achieves the same results as the traditional method, while requiring less time and experience to perform it.

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check that zosmf is installed

Make sure you have z/OSMF installed. You must also have authority to log in and access its resources.

select target swi

Decide where you want to install the update.

installation paths

Choose one of three paths that fit your software update use case.


Install updates.

How to get started with Software Update with z/OSMF

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